Was It The Best Picture?

While I love the Academy Awards, Im not blind to the fact that they are very politically driven and not always, in fact maybe rarely does the best in each category win. It’s a contest and the best end product isn’t always what determines the one who goes home with Oscar. A prime example is the 1998 awards (for movies made in 1997), the run away at the awards was Titanic. While a fine movie, it wasn’t the best overall picture that year and as time has passed Titanic has almost become a target of comedy and more mythically good than it actually was. Some may argue that the best film was Good Will Hunting which, as time has passed has become bigger and more celebrated and launched two careers not unlike Titanic did for it’s two principle stars.

My next few articles will examine the last 10 years of Oscars gold and weather or not he went home with the truly best picture of that year. We will explore the art of film making and the performances that went into the truly, best pictures of the year.

Keep in mind I take nothing away from the winner because before all the campaigning and politicking that goes into the voting of the awards, the first qualifying criteria for a nomination, let alone a win, is that it must truly be a great film and well made film at that. So keep following me and feel free to add your comments to my thoughts because we all have our favorites!

One thought on “Was It The Best Picture?”

  1. I Would Have Taken…
    I Saw All 4 Of Them In The Theater…
    1972s “THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE” Was 10-Times The Flick “TITANIC” Was, That’s Fo SHO Fo SHO! hehehehe

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