George Clooney’s Top 5

January 31st marked the return of the only good program on Bravo,Inside the Actor Studio with special guest George Clooney. While it didn’t  delve into his early career or life much at all, it covered very well the last 14 years of his career which is without question one of the best stretches in the history of Hollywood. This prompted me to come up with a list of the top 5 Clooney projects in cinema not television. Since he has been a director,actor,producer and a writer anything he was involved with in either capacity qualifies for this countdown. Let’s begin:

5.Out of Sight 

While this may not be his best acting job or the most perfectly made movie, it is a fine adaptation of the genius that is Elmore Leonard’s novel. What makes this movie make our countdown is the fact that it marked the beginning what is a great working collaboration between Clooney and Steven Soderbergh that would prove to be pretty legendary.

4.Michael Clayton

Tony Gilroy wrote and directed this swiftly paced thriller with an unbelievable acting ensemble. Tilda Swinton as the naive and ruthless company attorney. Tom Wilkenson as the manic depressive defense attorney who discontinues his meds and threatens to take down the entire firm with his actions. Sydney Pollack as Kenner, Bach and Ledeen’s head attorney and Michael Clayton’s only ally at the firm. Finally Clooney turns in what is, up to that point his finest acting job without question. Featuring character face-offs like never before and dynamite dialogue and delivery, it’s a movie not soon to be forgotten.

3.Up in the Air

Once again Clooney is blessed with an outstanding script with perfectly paced dialogue and a supporting cast that just make for a wonderful film. With a star making roll and performance from Anna Kendrick and the graceful and natural Vera Farmiga, Clooney plays off such perfect acting to create a man who isn’t anywhere close to someone we should like but whom we continue to root for and want the best for.

2.Good Night, and Good Luck.

This marked the second directing effort from Clooney and it was a project that couldn’t have come off any better. Based on Edward R. Murrow’s battle with Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his Communism witch hunt, it still proved to be a relevant topic 50 years later. With David Strathairn as Murrow and the heavy weight Frank Langella as CBS president William Paley, it’s black and white setting forces the viewer to take in the information and what it’s premise is rather than divert your attention away from the importance of it’s message.

  1. The Descendants 

Rarely when you have the body of work of someone like Clooney is his newest picture his best but as usual he does something you really don’t expect. With a story and script that is a can’t fail project. With acting unlike anything ever done before in his career, Clooney turns out a film that will be used in years to come to teach the craft of acting at every age of performer.

That’s what this blog considers George Clooney’s best to offer. I know some phenomenal movies were left out but we couldn’t put them all in and that’s why I encourage you to leave comments!

7 thoughts on “George Clooney’s Top 5”

  1. As I Haven’t Seen THE DESCENDANTS Yet…
    …I Can’t Totally Respond.
    …You Totally Forgot FROM DUSK TILL DAWN.
    The Other 4 Films You Mentioned, I’d EASILY Put Into A Top 7 List, So RIGHT ON, There.
    I’ve Had A Mixed-Bag of Reviews Given To Me By My Friends on THE DESCENDANTS. George’s Performance, however, Seems To Be The One Part They’ve ALL Agreed Was The BEST Part.
    Can’t Wait To Check-IT-OUT!!!

  2. Good call putting Out Of Sight in the list. Nothing from the Coens though? I would put Oh Brother in my top 5, with The American just edged out at number 6 (but I haven’t seen The Descendants yet)

  3. I agree with four of your top five, the only exception is that I haven’t seen “Good NIght and Good Luck”, so I’ll make a point of seeing it, then confirm – I will no doubt agree with you. Don’t you really love that line in “Three Kings” where he says ….. “Gold Bullion …. no, not that stuff they make soup out of …. “

  4. I had no clue George Clooney taped In the Actor’s Studio. I’d love to know what he thinks about his acting career and his success as a director. I hope I can find the episode.

  5. Can’t say I adored Clooney in The Descendants. He does a pretty decent job, but is dragged down by a movie that just isn’t all that good. I’d put Burn After Reading at the top, closely followed by Up In The Air. Can’t think of that many stinker performances in his oeuvre (if any).

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