In Time Quickly Runs Out

It’s no secret that there have been complaints for a while now that the originality in Hollywood story lines is dissipating and that the superhero genre and re-makes have been the prevailing way to go. Screenwriters are forced to adapt from other sources and very few original scripts are outstanding.

At first impression of the introduction of the latest Justin Timberlake movie, In Time you can’t help but notice that it’s concept is at the very least, intriguing. With Justin Timberlake taking on his first leading role, the focus without question would be on him after he wowed audiences with his supporting role as Napster founder Sean Parker in The Social Network. Let’s just get it out of the way, Justin Timberlake is not that bad of an actor. He has a natural quality to his acting and with experience and the right projects in his hands he could have a very respectable career in film.

The concept in this futuristic sci-fi thriller is that the currency of the future will be time not money. The time will be deducted from your own life. Each person is given 25 years at birth and uses that to pay bills, make purchases etc. Man is paid in time from their job and so on. After saving a man’s life one night he is unknowingly given 100 years and after not being unable to save his mother, he decides to use it for a cross country limousine ride and plans to live like a king for a night. While playing poker he meets a beautiful woman who stands to inherit millions and after a series of events they become some what of time Robin Hood’s. With such good potential from the man who brought us The Truman Show, it should also be noted that he directed Al Pacino in Simone. Writer Andrew Niccol no doubt has the ability to come up with great sci-fi ideas, they just come up very short on film. Whether it’s his direction or the descriptions in the script, Im not quite sure.

In Time is no different. It has a good idea and there are scenes that let you know the future is not polished and clean as is sometimes portrayed. It has more of a Bladerunner future look to it. Mind you, I am in no way comparing this movie to the iconic Bladerunner.

While this movie will probably entertain most, as far as a movie goes it falls well short of the mark of a good movie. It’s frustrating because of the elements it has to make it a good movie. With too many holes in the story and too much just unexplained one can’t help but ask more questions as the movie goes on and feel a very dissatisfied feeling at it’s conclusion. If you love sci-fi and/or B movies then you will most likely enjoy this one one. But if you are looking for a good heart pumping thriller chances are you will be disappointed.

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