Conan O’Brien Shows His Love For Fans In Can’t Stop

One of the biggest examples of corporate greed in recent years, as far as the entertainment community is concerned, was NBC’s gross mistreatment of their long time loyal late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien. With one of the most loyal fan bases in the entertainment industry Conan had long since paid his dues and loyally waited for his time to take over for Jay Leno and The Tonight Show. Finally he was given that chance, and as quickly as it was given to him it was torn away. NBC’s only offer was to go back to your old time slot or take a large buy out and stay off of TV, radio and the internet for six months. In an incredible display of self respect Conan took the buy out and vowed to stay off all media for six months. What about his loyal fans? This is where someone shows their true respect for their fan base and their love of entertaining. Conan did the only thing he could do to satisfy his fans thirst for great entertainment, he went on the road and took his show to them!

With anticipation of that ban being up quickly he had cameras with him at all times to document the historical modern day traveling variety show.

Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop is the end result of the filming of that North American tour. Titled The Legally Banned From TV Tour, Conan brought his band, his producer and his longtime sidekick Andy Richter along for the ride. The goal of every show was to bring the energy and hard work that went into every episode of his TV show and bring it live and in your face.

The riveting documentary shows the tour from it’s inception and creation to it’s culmination and final show at the legendary Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA. With reat shows along the way including at the great rock festival Bonaroo in Tennessee.

Can’t Stop shows that some people were born to entertain and have a deep love for it and will stop at nothing to share that with those who love it. Fueled by his anger at his mistreatment by NBC execs and his love for his fans he pours his heart and soul into every performance even at the expense of his health, he gives his fans all he can even to a fault at times.

Can’t Stop will give any fly by night fan a whole new respect for Conan and his talent as an entertainer and it will never make anyone question his commitment to his craft. If at the end you aren’t part of Team Coco than your love for fun and comedy must be placed in question.

4 thoughts on “Conan O’Brien Shows His Love For Fans In Can’t Stop”

  1. NBC’s decision still baffles me. How could anyone prefer Leno to Conan? How could he have been more “profitable”? That channel is terrible. First chosing Leno over Conan and now that godawful Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings over Community?
    Thanks for liking and checking out my latest post 🙂

  2. I’ve always suspeced that Leno was pushed into the 8:00 show, and that there was a clause in his contract that stated he could return to his old time slot. As for Conan, he got the same shot that Leno did. If Leno hadn’t gotten the show solid ratings within his first year, NBC was ready to pull him. Read Bill Carter’s “the Late Shift” for more details. Conan just never pulled Leno’s numbers, not until his farewell show. Still there must have been a better way to resolve this.

    In any event, I was unaware of this film and am very grateful for you bringin it to my attention.

  3. This is one of the most genuinely funny movies I have seen solely judged on Conan’s banter with everyone. I’ve been on Team Coco for a good while now and Can’t Stop reminded me why. The guy is a genius with material and timing and actually acts like a real human being (more than I can say for Leno).

    Anyway I enjoyed the post. This documentary deserves any recognition it gets.

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