Emma Stone Leads A Powerhouse Cast In The Help

It is without question that Emma Stone is one of Hollywood’s brightest stars on the rise. Her role in the Oscar nominated movie, The Help does nothing but prove that. While she may be overshadowed by the brilliant performances of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, she non the less proves her worth.

She first came to light in the incredibly funny Greg Mottola movie, Superbad alongside Oscar nominee, Jonah Hill. She has since gone on to be nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the somewhat cheesy teen movie Easy A.

Her ability to choose diverse and unique roles is what has catapulted her to he front of the line. The Help is no doubt her shinning achievement thus far. It was a courageous challenge to take the role in a movie that has brought both high acclaim and scornful criticism.

The Help is the story of an aspiring journalist in 1960’s Mississippi, which was the center of the segregated world at the time, and her mission to tell the story of well to do families maids who at the time were a majority of the african american race. Met with much reluctancy she does convince two of the local maids to help her start telling their story. After a series of events, nearly all the local maids begin to open up and help her tell their stories. After publishing their stories in a book it sets the town a buzzing. Her book is a true success and she is offered a job in NYC but wants to stay in Mississippi but is then convinced she needs to go.

The movie is a reflection on the ignorance and mistreatment that went on at a pivotal time in American history. It is a fictional story that is no less powerful just because it may not be completely true. It in no way is meant to reflect negatively on the black race in any way. It is however a story that needs to be told so that we as a society may never forget the misguided treatment of others and never repeat our horrid mistakes.

However it is a story that can’t be told without striking a nerve on some in a negative way. As with every movie or story, there is no pleasing everyone, people will find a negative view and hold on to it. Some may ask why we need to be reminded of such horrible times and actions and may say that it will only promote others to act that way or have those negative views. This could not be further from the truth. It is the same reason that we learn of these things in school or that Holocaust stories are still told to this day. It is only so that we may not have the unfortunate result of repeating history that we continue to learn.

The Help is a powerful and wonderful film if looked at in the correct and positive way. With a cast that without a doubt is one of the finest acting ensembles in recent memory. With Viola Davis proving she may be the best working actress right now and Octavia Spencer breaking out in her role as Millie, The Help may not win the best picture of the year but there is no doubt it very well is one of the best.

9 thoughts on “Emma Stone Leads A Powerhouse Cast In The Help”

  1. I haven’t seen this film but I really need to! It totally passed me by when it was out in cinemas and I only really started hearing about it when the Oscar noms were announced. I’ve read some criticism somewhere to do with the fact that the film ‘needs’ this powerful white character in order to break down the boundaries of racism, depicting the white character as the saviour of African-Americans. Of course, I haven’t seen the film so I can’t take a stance on it one way or the other, but it will be interesting to see the film while taking these opposing ideas into account. Nice review!

  2. Just saw this movie again for the second time this past weekend. I’m aware of some of the negative things being said about it, but it was incredibly good and very worth watching. Your review was great. All of the acting was fantastic. And, yep, I’m an Emma Stone fan too.

  3. I’m glad you pointed out that her performance was overshadowed by Davis and Spencer. I love Emma Stone, and I love her in this movie. But one of the criticisms of this film was that it’s a story about the African American struggle, told through the eyes of some white chick. This isn’t a dig at her acting, it’s a criticism of the writers. What do you think about that?
    p.s. I totally love this movie and they better make a haul at the Oscars or I’ll sue!

    1. I agree the story has it’s flaws and it is no way a knock at Emma or her acting. I think everyone in the movie was so good someone was bound to be left out of the discussion and it unfortunatley was her.

  4. Good review m8. Although I’m not up to the newspaper worthy length of movie reviewing that you are hopefully I’ll get there. I just find it hard to cram out long reviews even on simple short movies (see: Bart’s Got a Room) or I can say the same thing in 2 paragraphs that I can in 6. Trust me I’ve done the comparison.

    Anyway, Emma is one of the better not balloon breasted up and comers and I’m glad to hear such positive things out of a movie I was really hesitant to see. (A) the race thing has been over done in America and (B) I was afraid I’d be the only white straight male in the whole audience…..this happened with The Devil Wears Prada, LOL.

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