Oscar Gold Is Right Around The Corner

It’s that time of year when awards season reaches its crescendo with the 84th annual Academy Awards. The stars come out in full swing wearing the best attire they can get their hands on and the public gets to critique every thread and move they make. Hollywood is in full preparation mode for Sunday nights Oscars.

It has been a banner year for film and tomorrow night they will be honored whether they win or not. This is the night where just being mentioned from the stage is an award in itself. So like any good self respecting movie site we intend to reveal our picks for Oscar gold. We will also let you know what categories to look out for some surprises and which categories some great achievements got left out of. Without further a due here we go.

Best Screenplay Adapted:

The Descendants;

Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon, Jim Rash


John Logan

The Ides Of March;

George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Beau Willimon


Steve Zallian, Aaron Sorkin, Stan Chevrin

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy;

Bridget O’Connor, Peter Straughan

This is a very difficult category to pick because there are so many great choices and great movies. With Aaron Sorkin having won last year my guess is he won’t win again. The Descendants was a difficult book to adapt from with so much of it having been internal thoughts and feelings and yet it followed so closely and was written so well, look for Payne to walk away with this one.

Prediction: The Descendants 

Best Original Screenplay:

The Artist;

Michael Hazanavicius


Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo

Margin Call;

J.C. Chandlor

Midnight In Paris;

Woody Allen

Jodaeiye Nadar az Simin;

Asghar Farhadi

Original Screenplay can go one of three ways. The dark horse and long shot of the three is Kristen Wiig for Bridesmaids. Look for Woody Allen and Michael Hazanavicius to duke it out in the end.

Prediction: Midnight In Paris

Best Supporting Actress:

Berenice Bejo; The Artist

Jessica Chastain; The Help

Melissa McCarthy; Bridesmaids

Janet McTeer; Albert Nobbs

Octavia Spencer; The Help

This comes down to two actresses who just happen to be good friends with very similar backgrounds. Melissa McCarthy has blown everyone away with her performance in Bridesmaids and left them in stitches. Octavia Spencer has given herself a whole new life and career with her role in The Help

Prediction: Octavia Spencer

Best Supporting Actor:

Jonah Hill; Moneyball

Nick Nolte; Warrior

Christopher Plummer; Beginners

Max Von Sydow; Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

We have three sentimental favorites and one fairly shocking newcomer. It would be nice to see Jonah Hill so that Moneyball can get some love on Sunday and it may be his only shot at the award, but that’s not likely. This is between two long timers. Plummer and Von Sydow will face of in this one.

Prediction: Christopher Plummer

Best Actress In A Leading Role:

Glenn Close; Albert Nobbs

Viola Davis; The Help

Rooney Mara; The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Meryl Streep; The Iron Lady

Michelle Williams; My Week With Marilyn

This is without question the tightest of almost all the races. It pits two friends against one another once again. Streep Hasn’t won in 29 years and Davis, despite several great roles hasn’t pulled one out yet. You can’t go wrong picking either one here, but be on the look out for the dark horse of this category is Michelle Williams. If Williams doesn’t win it will eventually be one of those roles that when you look back you will be shocked that she wasn’t the winner.

Prediction: Viola Davis

Best Actor In A Leading Role:

Demian Bichir; A Better Life

George Clooney; The Descendants

Jean Dujardin; The Artist

Gary Oldman; Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Brad Pitt; Moneyball

George Clooney is kind of long overdue and he’s produced two of his greatest films this year and The Descendants is without a doubt his best performance. Jean Dujardin won the SAG award which tends to be the precursor to the Oscar in this category. Flip a coin on this one as well.

Prediction: George Clooney

Best Director

Woody Allen; Midnight In Paris

Michael Hazanavicius; The Artist

Terrence Mallick; The Tree Of Life

Alexander Payne; The Descendants

Martin Scorsese; Hugo

This is Hazanavicius’ category to lose although there’s two legendary directors that could very well pull the upset. Allen and Scorsese could very well pull this out and I’m not so sure anyone would be too upset.

Prediction: Michael Hazanavicius

Best Picture

The Artist

The Descendants

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

The Help


Midnight In Paris


The Tree Of Life

War Horse

For such a large list the competition is fairly small. There are only three that can pull this one out. Over the entire awards season The Help, The Descendants and The Artist have all walked away with numerous best picture awards but only one can win the coveted Oscar.

Prediction: The Artist

Hopefully whether or not the millions of predictions that fans and experts make come true or not one thing happens, that it’s one of the best shows in recent memory. We all will root for the underdogs and love to see our favorite stars come together for Hollywood’s biggest night of the year. Enjoy!!

9 thoughts on “Oscar Gold Is Right Around The Corner”

  1. I’m SO excited for the ‘big dance’!
    This wrap up you have here is perfect, and my ticket looks very similar to yours. However, the movie that stole my heart this year was Hugo. I know it won’t win but in my heart it already has.
    I think there will be quite a few surprises tomorrow night. I look forward to your review!

  2. This is a pretty cool year in the lead actor/actress categories because it’s real tough to truly call. Great blog! Can’t wait to see who takes home the gold tomorrow.

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