The Artist Steals The Show At The Spirit Awards

Independent film has really become a film and awards season force in the recent years. The Film Independent Spirit Awards for quite some time has been the ANTI Oscars and yet it seems that the Oscars has finally caught up to what independent film fans have known for a long time and that is, money and marquee names don’t necessarily make a great movie. Yesterday the independent got together and honored it’s best and things went as they have for most of the award season with The Artist playing the star.

It’s a night that is what it should be, a big party and celebration. The winners are quick to remember that without independent film most of them wouldn’t have gotten their start.

Best Supporting Actor is one step away from being pretty much a clean sweep for Christopher Plummer in the Beginners but it was non the less nice to see people like John Hawkes get much deserved recognition for their work.

Shailene Woodley took home best supporting actress in a much deserved win for her very powerful role in The Descendants as the daughter who has to help her dad through the most topsy turvy time in his life.

It was so great to see Michelle Williams finally get honored for her incredible portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn. It’s been a year where she has had to stand in the shadow of Meryl Streep and Viola Davis when she deserves to be mentioned right next to those women.

The Artist then continued it’s onslaught on award season when Jean Dujardin won best actor over a very under rated and great acting job by Michael Shannon in the very epitome of an independent movie, Take Shelter.

The Artist rolled the rest of the night with Michael Hazanavicius winning best director over the king of independent film and one who continues to be a force in that world, Woody Allen.

And the final award once again went to The Artist which most likely will take the big prize on Sunday.


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