Billy Crystal An “Artist” When It Comes To Oscar Night

Whether your ballots are busted or you were happy to see all the winners, one things for sure The Academy Awards are done and handed out and the opinions are flooding thru every form of media available. With a few surprises as always, the heavy favorites won what most everyone expected.

Billy Crystal looked at home back at the helm of Hollywoods biggest night and he did not disappoint. He gave the show a flow and grace with a few jabs that were very funny and yet no one could be offended. He has just enough clout, class and polish to be the best host since Johnny Carson made it an art form.

The show truly started with a bang when Sasha Barron Cohen graced the red carpet as the dictator, the title character from his forthcoming movie. During his interview he made an uncomfortable reference to his “friend” Saddam Hussein and carried an urn which was supposed to be the ashes of Kim Jung Il which he proceeded to dump all over a shocked Ryan Seacrest. It was a great moment that so many people across America loved seeing. This effectively ended his stint on the red carpet while Seacrest got vacuumed off during a commercial. The comedy wasn’t as controversial for the rest of the show but there were enough good moments, peaking with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifinakis presenting best song in hysterical fashion.

On to the awards! Early on it appeared to be Hugo’s night while it seemed to hoard a lot of the technical awards. The biggest surprise, if you can really call it that, was when Woody Allen collected yet another Oscar for his mantle. Allen was one of the few to beat the artist in a nice win for best original screenplay. The Descendants only walked away with one statue as well winning for best adapted screenplay. Moneyball was totally shutout as was Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. the Help won only one award as well when the strong favorite, Octavia Spencer took home best supporting actress.

Christopher Plummer became the oldest actor to take home an Oscar at 82 years old just 2 years younger than Oscar himself as he made reference to in his acceptance speech, for which he also seemed to be given a time leeway.

It was after all of this that The Artist then took over. First on the checklist was Michel Hazanavicius being awarded best director beating out 4 powerful and great film makers by the names of Allen, Scorsese, Malick and Payne. Jean Dujardin then went on to beat Hollywoods virtual “man of the year” in George Clooney for best actor.

The Artist wouldn’t win best actress but most likely only because they didn’t have a nominee. Nearly 30 years since her last Oscar win, Meryl Streep would be back accepting the award over her friend Viola Davis and a, dare I say, disappointed Michelle Williams who, although I’m sure was very happy for Meryl, had a look of disappointment on her face. I must say my heart broke a little for Viola as she poured every ounce she had into her role and it meant so much to her.

The final and most coveted award, not surprisingly went to The Artist. It was the first movie to win best picture in black and white since Schindler’s List. It was very much the type of picture the Academy loves, different, well acted and made with a director with a unique vision. It may not have been the BEST overall movie, but it non the less was very much to Oscar’s liking. It was a fine evening with no real shocking or controversial moments other than, did we see Jennifer Lopez’s nipple? It’s a topic for debate but it was a night truly for Hollywood and whether or not the people who you wanted to win, did or not, it was a great show and that’s what Hollywood does best.

12 thoughts on “Billy Crystal An “Artist” When It Comes To Oscar Night”

  1. I wondered the same thing about Jennifer Lopez’s cleavage. I love how the Bridesmaids cast carried over a joke from the Golden Globes where they took a drink every time someone said Scorsese. Overall, a very enjoyable broadcast and I was happy to see Billy Crystal back at the helm.

  2. Haven’t watched Oscar’s in years. They are great actors, but terrible at adlibbing sincerity. Your blog was exactly and all I needed. Thanks.
    Billy Crystal is no doubt the best at this. He makes the others seem like amateurs at best. As far as I’m concerned there has not been a better performance on screen than Cristal as Miracle Max in the “Princess Bride.”

  3. Somehow I stepped out during the Cohen moment and missed it. Ah, the perils of watching live. Woody Allen was my prediction for Original Screenplay, but I missed plenty, including some of the biggest. Meryl Streep! She deserved to win (they all did), but what an upset! I kept waiting for the music during Christopher Plummer’s speech and was so relieved and thankful I never heard it. It would have been so disappointing. If the Academy can’t give actors like Christopher Plummer a few moments to say what they feel, then what’s the point?

    A terrific post and a fun night of Oscar watching!

  4. I’m really upset that Streep won over Viola Davis. I can’t believe The Help only took home one award for Octavia Spencer. And Rooney Mara was AMAZING in Dragon Tattoo. I don’t know if you saw Iron Lady, but it is not a good movie. Streep was good in PART of it, but I still think she is so overrated. Especially when you put her next to the underrated actresses up for the big award last night.

  5. Crystal had a wonderfully understated performance. Looks like he’s a had a bit of work done, but his ease on stage is second to none.

    And so happy The Artist picked up the awards for which it was dubbed “the favorite.” Nice post.

  6. Agreed. Crystal is just classic and he just makes sense when it comes to the Oscars. I was def thinking I was seeing something I shouldn’t have when J-Lo was up on stage. Scandalous. 🙂

  7. The Academy loves all things British which I think explains Streep’s win. Viola Davis was the best actress this year and has been now. Her day will come. But my favorite moment of the entire night was watching Seacrest get “powdered.” Did he really think Cohen was going to stand for a legit interview. The costume gave it away. I just wish Seacrest would go back to Georgia.

  8. I loved “the Help”, so much when i got out of the theater I wanted to hug a black woman…problem was I had to drive 45 minutes from Hollywood to find one…sideways glances,half chuckle,lets move on…That is Crystal doing a great job…rimshot…

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