Shakespeare Exposed In “Anonymous”?

There have long been rumors accusing William Shakespeare of not being the author of his poetry and plays. There have been many theories as to who wrote his work, why he may have plagiarized, how he did it and more. The latest movie from Roland Emmerich tackles this very topic. “Anonymous” is a fictional story based on this very topic.

Set against the backdrop of Queen Elizabeth I’s succession and the rebellion of the Essex against the queen. It is suggested that Edward De Vere the Earl of Oxford was the penman of the plays of the Shakespeare era, but because of his prominence and laws of the time, couldn’t publish his work. He uses a local theater worker named Johnson to be the face of his work until a young actor named Shakespeare stands up and takes credit, much to Edward De Vere’s disliking.

A very well done film with good action and a bit of a thriller feel. Period pieces are not for everyone, especially Shakespearian type stories and time period. This is a well done story and while it takes a few liberties I’m sure, it’s entertaining none the less. It’s not a movie that is going to have a break out star or one with any major players, although Vanessa Redgrave gives some heft to the acting ability to the cast. No one actor stands out above any of the other.

This movie could be categorized as a dark version of Shakespeare In Love showing the culture of acting and story telling in a dark time period with out the shine and romance that usually accompanies these movies.

Anonymous is not an award grabbing movie, nor is it a terrible film. If you are a conspiracy fan this may interest you. Any true lover of Shakespeare will dispute all claims and it is most likely a theory that will never be proven and will stay just that, a theory.

10 thoughts on “Shakespeare Exposed In “Anonymous”?”

  1. I love Shakespeare and appreciate all of his work so this will be really interesting to watch( to see someone else’s point of view ). I know Emmerich’s movies are loved but I can’t seem to like them at all…

  2. I consider myself a true lover of Shakespeare but I don’t dispute all claims: I think they are irrelevant. It’s not the author who matters, but the works.

  3. Couldn’t watch the whole movie. There was a suspension of belief that I could not… well believe. The whole Shakespeare thing is bogus. I much preferred the 2 Elizabeth films. (Elizabeth and the Golden Age).

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