The Rating System Is A Joke

We at Love Your Movies aim to always be objective and review or make commentary in a fair fashion. We understand the need for a rating system and realize that there are some things children of younger age should and shouldn’t see. We also believe that the rating system should NOT be so black and white. We strongly support the Weinstein Company and there efforts for everyone to see their new documentary, Bully. It’s a subject that everyone needs to be aware of and shown in a frank manor despite what words are used. We hope all our readers and supporters agree with us and hope you voice your opinion via twitter, facebook or what ever means you have. If you support our views please like AND share this view.

27 thoughts on “The Rating System Is A Joke”

  1. The problem with the the rating system is that it’s NOT black and white, but up to the whim of the MPAA. If a big-budget studio film has questionable content, it’ll get a pass while the same content in an independent film is punished with a harsher rating. Comedies get away with far more than sensitive, dramatic treatment of the same material. Ratings have been changed over time (“Midnight Cowboy” was originally rated X due to extreme sexual content, but re-rated as R when it was re-released while “Psycho” came out during the era of the Hayes Code and was unrated, but when it appeared on home video, it was inexplicably R-rated). The documentary “This Film Is Not Yet Rated” gives an excellent expose on the ratings fiasco and how crooked the MPAA is. Bully for Harvey Weinstein for standing his ground!

  2. Yeah, because watching teens kill each other is ok, and hearing the word “fuck” once or twice is ok, but if it’s in a movie three times then it’s inappropriate for younger teenagers*.

    *the numbers are made up for the safety of your sanity.

  3. I agree with this post 100% and have already been spreading the word, and the petition, to change the rating of “Bully”. The argument that I’ve heard is that “The Hunger Games” is fantasy, and “Bully” is reality. Whatever. I have one question for those that are disturbed by the language of “Bully”: If the parents of the kids talking like that in the film don’t have a problem with other people hearing it, then why should you? It’s an important message – and just because it’s not based on a best selling book doesn’t mean that it’s doesn’t need to be seen by kids.

    1. Spare me the nipples! Oh, please Lord, spare me the nipples! I just can’t stand to see one more nipple! LOL, what a joke of a place we live in. I’d rather children see nipples and hear cussing than watch so many violent films with persons shooting everyone up and bodies being blown to bits like it’s nothing.

  4. I would argue that the biggest problem with the ratings system is the “PG-13” rating, which was obviously added so big studios could push more adult material on kids. It’s not that I have a problem with “PG-13” content, it’s that parents get no value from the rating. Movies that fall into this category can be a borderline “R” filled with sexual content and violence or entirely inoffensive. As a parent, I almost have to watch “PG-13” films first to know if they are appropriate for my kids … and that defeats the idea of a ratings system. If studios were forced to either produce “R” or “PG” rated films, you would see a lot fewer problems like the excellent one illustrated by this post. Both movies would come in with an “R.”

  5. I’d have to see bully and Hunger games to really make a judgement. I don’t want to jump on the “OH Bully must not be rated R” bandwagon just because other people say so… To easy to do that and not think for yourself. The Passion of the Christ is a movie I think everyone should watch, yet it is rated R. I didn’t hear anyone complaining about that when it was released. I wonder, at times, if the people behind Bully did it more for the controversy getting upset at the R rating would cause than anything else. Why do I think that way, you may ask? If it is really a move every one should see – release it for free on the internet and sell unreated DVDs to recoup costs. Also have a donation button… If the producers and directors were really worried about it, that is they route they should go.

    Call me cynical, but the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  6. Agreed. The ratings system in America doesn’t make much sense. If you haven’t already, you should watch a doc called ‘This Film Is Not Yet Rated’. Really strong and interesting points brought to light on the MPAA.

  7. totaly agree the mpaa rating system needs a change espically when they are willing to give bully an r rating over just saying the f words three times yet give pg to things like the hunger game and doc on the military that has more swearing then bully does. proves the system needs to be scrapped and a better one put in place that is not so black and white like with bully

  8. I agree the rating system is ridiculous. A PG-13 movie can have mayhem and a little bad language whereas the R rated movie may just have some bad language. It’s ludicrous and I’m going to share this on my blog.

  9. I briefly worked as a film classifier in Canada and we have the same problems up North. It’s so hard to be completely objective and yet adhere to the legislation put forth regarding film ratings in order to keep everyone happy. I’d like to argue that it is also a reflection of what we as a society value– we frequently had complaints about nudity and sexually suggestive scenes (as that topic is so taboo for us even though it’s a completely natural thing) and yet complaints about extreme violence were few and far between… Great post btw!

    1. I agree you never will please everyone I think that the subject matter and relation of the movie should be taken into consideration. As in this case Bully is such n important film that really should be seen by so many

      1. I haven’t seen the film yet but have watched the trailers and definitely agree! It’s sad that the system is keeping people (especially kids who should be educated about the issue) from seeing it… What a backwards world we live in sometimes!

  10. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your post on the Hunger Games! I remember sitting in the theater with my Daughter and a group of about 12 of her friends and I was mortified watching the celebration of children dying. I mean I understood the point and the message was on the cuff so I didn’t miss it but I left feeling like wow, is this really sweeping the box office right now? So there’s a lot to think about here.

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