Ghost Protocol Embodies Every Element Of A Good Action Movie

The action movie is a tricky genre when it comes to movies. They are hardly ever in line for major awards outside of the technical categories. They tend to be more focused on stunts and special effects as opposed to performance and story depth and originality. These are very thin lines you have to walk while making a good action film and as a result the film can be wildly successful or become a joke of a movie very easily. The wildly popular Mission Impossible movies have experienced both of these with the original being a well made movie with an intriguing and at times confusing story line but great stunts and action and well directed by Brian DePalma. Then MI2 was not nearly the movie the original was with glaring film mistakes it was one giant theme park stunt show and not a very good movie. Then third installment revived the franchise with a decent array of stunts and special effects with a decent story that was fairly well developed.

This brings us to the fourth installment in the MI franchise titled Ghost Protocol. A very well made movie with some great eye popping stunts and everything an action movie should entail. Ghost Protocol very well may be the best in the series since De Palma’s original.

With a new team at his side Ethan Hunt’s mission is basically one of having to save IMF from exposure, embarrassment and ultimately being shutdown. Ghost Protocol brings in all the elements that make for great action movies including exotic locations, sinister enemies and stunts that are flat out impossible but unbearably cool at the same time.

Tom Cruise is still one of the most loved and hated men in Hollywood and tends to be at the center of rumors and a even a little controversy but that hasn’t stopped him from making a flat out attention and interest grabbing movie that, love him or hate him, you can’t help but entertained and enjoy the two hours he has you strapped to your seat.

Ghost Protocol is not a movie thats going to be racking up the Golden Globes or Oscars but it is everything you want out of a true blockbuster of a film. You will be left excited for the next installment whenever that may be. Cruise has a goldmine on his hands with the Mission Impossible films and he doesn’t make any missteps when he puts one out.

Ghost Protocol doesn’t have the most outstanding acting of the year nor is it’s story the most compelling but when it’s put together by director Brad Bird and producer/star Tom Cruise along with a very good supporting cast which includes the always funny Simon Pegg, Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner and the quite beautiful Paula Patton, everything adds up to a movie worth your time and leaves you feeling full and satisfied. This is the kind of movie that Blu Ray was invented for.

6 thoughts on “Ghost Protocol Embodies Every Element Of A Good Action Movie”

  1. I agree that it was a great action film. In fact, it was a near perfect entertainment film and was definitely the best “M:I” movie (though I thought the third in the series was better than the first two). This had me looking forward to a fifth adventure of Ethan Hunt.

  2. I think that this film is indeed a perfect action film. The plot has enough substance to give it some credibility, but doesn’t offer many twists and turns; it’s straight, sweet, and to the point, very concise. And it sets the stage for some truly spectacular action sequences. I love Brad Bird, and I thought that this was an excellent live-action debut, as well as his best film since The Incredibles.

    Anyway, I loved your review, very apt.

    For all who haven’t read or would care to read, I have a review of this film as well. Check it out!

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