2012 Summer Has Big Blockbuster’s On The Horizon

While we at Love Your Movies mostly look back on films of the past and review recent releases, there is no denying this summer is setting up to be one of the biggest blockbuster seasons in recent memory and we wanted to take a look at what is going to succeed and why and what will fall on it’s face. Some of these movies have been anticipated for years and some have come out of no where. While we haven’t seen any of them, we are going based on plot lines and trailers alone as to what we think will be the summers biggest blockbuster. Here’s how we think they will stack up 10-1 Enjoy!

10. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Yes that’s a real title of a soon to be released movie. No it’s not gonna work. It’s the most drowned genre in history and not even America’s greatest president can save it. It’s a bizarre plot and a bad one at that. It sounds like one of those dreams you have when you are half asleep on the couch with the history channel on the TV in the middle of the night. It’s bordering on offensive to Abe Lincoln.

9. Battleship

Before this one even get’s going, to use what’s going to be an extremely over used phrase, this battleship is sunk. Even the never aging tough guy, Liam Neeson can save this. Based on a game that does not translate to cinema along with a mix of Transformers and all kinds of other hodgepodge of ideas it’s just not gonna work. This without question will be one of two hands down bombs at the box office.

8. G.I. Joe: Retaliation 

Despite what anyone thinks, The Rock can act and is a hands down action star. He’s never gonna win an award other than a WWE Slammy but he makes a decent and flat out entertaining movie. With the first G.I. Joe movie being all but a disaster, a better script and better cast which also includes the great Jonathan Pryce, look for this to be a better movie but the downside still will be that it’s a G.I. Joe which just won’t be that great a series.

7. The Amazing Spider-Man

Taking a page out of The Hulk’s playbook, Spider-Man get’s a re-boot quite quickly after the Tobey Maguire version of the series finished it’s successful trilogy. The difference between Spider-Man and Hulk is that Spider-Man had much better made and much more successful films. Andrew Garfield actually may be a better choice for Peter Parker than Maguire in that he is a better actor and there is more of a believability factor. It will draw decent numbers but don’t be shocked if it doesn’t fly based on the fact that it’s just too soon for this. All that said, the suit looks much better.

6. Total Recall

Maybe the most controversial and temperamental of the summer movies because it is a former well loved sci-fi book and somewhat of a cult movie. It may be way too early for this to be remade but that never stopped Hollywood from making what they are sure will bring in some coin, and Total Recall will most definitely bring in the money. Casting Colin Farrell is a good move he has the edge to wherewithal to take on such a massive undertaking and risk. Look for it to be a decent movie and do fairly well but loyalist to the original won’t be satisfied regardless of how good it truly is.

5. Men In Black 3

This looks to be a safe bet. It will be right in the middle of the pact profits wise and will most likely entertain you. The Men In Black series is just that, entertaining. Will Smith is a safe bet and the introduction of Josh Brolin is a great addition and it appears his best Tommy Lee Jones impression is spot on even though I’m sure he’s been working on it since No Country For Old Men production. Don’t sweat about spending your money on this installment it will not leave you with a still hungry type feeling.

4. Bourne Legacy

Another tough movie to gauge. The fourth installment in a great action series based on highly loved books that had Matt Damon carry the series…until now. Turning the reigns over to Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner who will not play Jason Bourne but continues the story is a fine choice. Renner is coming off a very well received role in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and will fill in nicely but don’t expect the same success as the Matt Damon half of the series but look for more great action and intriguing plot lines. Most likely should be a good one.

3. Prometheus

Not much needs to be said about Prometheus other than this, Ridley Scott returns to his sci-fi roots! For fans of his and of the sci-fi genre in general this will be a massive breath of fresh air. Prometheus was originally planned to be an Alien prequel, but that idea was scraped and it was decided it would be an original idea. A stellar cast that will most likely be a break out for Noomi Rapace who garnered some excellent praise for her role in the original Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy. Also starring the always fabulous Charlize Theron and Hollywoods hottest leading man Michael Fassbender. Mostly likely due to what is likely to be an R rating this won’t challenge The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers for profit but it very well may be the best of the summer movies.

2. The Avengers

With all due respect to The Hunger Games and the title of our review for it, The Avengers is the true kick of to summer blockbuster season. With an all-star cast and every major super hero of the past few years and the major stars that played them, The Avengers will no doubt rake in the dough at the box office and have comic book/superhero fans drooling with their need to see all their favorite heroes assemble and take over the box office with what is sure to be amazing action and state of the art CGI. The Avengers will most likely be the one of the two biggest box office draws.

1. The Dark Knight Rises

Maybe the most anticipated of all the summer blockbusters, The Dark Knight Rises also has the most to lose because of what it has to live up to. The Dark Knight quite possibly was the greatest comic book/superhero movie of all time. With no Heath Ledger to carry this production the weight is on Christian Bale who made everyone rabid Batman fans again with his original performance in Batman Begins. With a good player on the opposite end in the gorgeous Anne Hathaway, while one of the best stars of her generation don’t expect her to be able to carry the film the way Heath did. None the less it will be between this and Prometheus for the best of the summer flix.

36 thoughts on “2012 Summer Has Big Blockbuster’s On The Horizon”

  1. so, let’s see, the only original story in the lot poses abraham lincoln as a vampire hunter? really?

    battleship is yet another aliens want to blow up the world film, and also a milton bradley game.

    otherwise, we got six sequels and a remake. and prometheus, well, supposed to be a sequel but not? we’ll see.

    1. “Based on a game that does not translate to cinema . . . .”

      “battleship is yet another aliens want to blow up the world film, and also a milton bradley game.”

      Ha ha have you seen this?

      Poster for the movie Hungy Hungry Hippos (Photoshopped from Battleship poster). Hilarious.
      Sample scripts here:

      See also movie trailer for Connect Four:

      (Too long, but still funny.)

  2. I think I pretty much agree with your assessments of these films. I’m especially looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, and The Avengers – with the Spider-Man reboot coming in as an honorable mention. I’m a big fan Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan, so of course, I’m anticipating their films the most. 😀

    As for Battleship… let’s just say I scoffed (out loud) in the theater about how completely asinine it looked. All flash, zero substance. Just an excuse to look stupid and blow stuff up, IMHO. 🙂

    1. Whoops… I forgot to mention The Bourne Legacy! The original Bourne trilogy is one of the best action sagas of all time, in my opinion, so I’m hoping this one doesn’t lose control and go the way of the mediocre. I like Jeremy Renner a lot… I think he’ll do pretty good.

  3. Dude your posts are always great. I read this and started thinking about a list of my own. I think the only film I would add to this is Looper. Joesph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis teamed with the director of Brick sounds so promising. I’d sub that in for Battleship. Battleship looks if-ie. It seems like a transformers meets battle La which has me worried. Same could be said for the G.I. Joe sequel but its got Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson so I’ll give it a go.

  4. Strictly looking at “blockbusters” then your list is pretty much it, though I think Amazing Spider-Man will be higher. It might be a little too soon for a reboot, but based on the trailers alone, it looks pretty good. If you think beyond traditional “blockbusters” for the summer, you definitely can’t count out Pixar’s Brave

  5. I can’t tell you how excited I am for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. That book was amazing and I hope they’re able to do it justice.

  6. To be fair, Prometheus is still an Alien prequel, in that it’s in the same universe and clearly takes place on LV-426 when the Weyland Corporation sends people there to see what’s up with that mysterious signal.

    Also, there’s a Space Jockey.

  7. Great post – didn’t know about a couple of them. Battleship – well, it looks terrible. But it does have Brooklyn Decker in it….every cloud etc.

    I too am a little worried about TDKR because of the absence of an actor like Heath – but I am excited about it none the less.

    Most looking forward to Ridleys new effort though. Personally, would have loved an Alien prequel and perhaps this might be on his agenda in the future. We can only hope.


  8. You make convincing arguments. I’m one of the ones that can’t believe they’re making Total Recall again. But Spider Man doesn’t bother me. Go figure. Most looking forward to Prometheus. Hope I’m not disappointed. After that TDKR. The Avengers should be fun too. Love your blog!

    1. Thanks so much. All the compliments keep me goin! spread the word and feel free to ffer articl suggestions

  9. I can’t say what the movie will be like, but Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was a great book. Lots of historical context and attention to character which really made it an engaging read — granted, this has never stopped Hollywood from making a crap movie out of a good book, but I’m looking forward to it.
    As for the superhero and sci-fi movies on your list — I agree. Looking forward to all of them. I may have to give GI Joe a total miss, though 🙂

  10. I am so glad someone else saw that Battleship just looked too close to the Transformers movie. When I saw the preview, I actually thought it was another Transformers – I just do not see myself paying money to see that in the theater. I’m definitely excited for The Dark Knight Rises. I am anxious to see how this ends. I just hope they do not try to reboot it so soon, like they are doing with Spiderman (I think Andrew is going to be great for the role, but it is just WAY too soon to reboot it. But who am I to say if it’s too soon or not – I’m just a regular girl who loves her movies.). So, do you really think the Abraham movie is not going to do well? I was actually kind of looking forward to seeing that, but now that you say it like that, it does make you think twice. Maybe I should go read the book first . . .

  11. so I love the movies – all movies. And I’m usually not a comic book geek – but The Avengers…. loved it. So funny and fun! So very very Joss Whedon. After Buffy he can do no wrong – but he did so good. Hulk Smash!!!

  12. The one I hadn’t heard about is Total Recall, it should be interesting a little nervous for Farrell why did he have to take it on I agree it’s just too soon.

  13. i completely agree with you! and battleship actually was such a disappointment it was funny to watch.. poor Liam Neeson couldn’t do anything at all to save.. well, anything at all

  14. Good assessments, and I agree. I’m expecting PROMETHEUS to be good, have already seen THE AVENGERS–Loved it! Looking forward to SPIDERMAN and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The title alone of ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER makes me run in the opposite direction. I cannot imagine a worse premise.

    And, thanks for the “like”.

  15. Good assessments, and I agree. I’m expecting PROMETHEUS to be good, have already seen THE AVENGERS–Loved it! Looking forward to SPIDERMAN and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The title alone of ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER makes me run in the opposite direction. I cannot imagine a worse premise.

  16. nice list even though now battle ship has bombed and gijoe has been postponed to next year. have to agree dark knight rises has something to prove mostly trying to beat avengers box office run and also sending batman time on the big screen off the way the character deserves.

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