Morgan Spurlock Takes A Deep Look Into Geek Life And Culture

With a rash of superhero/comic book movies set to unleash once again this year there is one movie that shows the heart and soul of the culture that allowed these movies to become the blockbusters they are and the pandemonium they create.

The true fact of the matter is we are all geeks about something in one way or another. Be it movies, comics, video games or even things such as finance, or your jobs or sports. In one form or another we all “geek out” about something.

Once a year in San Diego is the ultimate pop-culture/comic book convention known as Comic-Con. Started in 1970 as a strict comic book convention for collectors and a place where new illustrators could come to be discovered. Over forty years later it has morphed into the ultimate pop culture gathering. Many hardcore enthusiast despise what comic-con has become but attend every year, regardless. Filled with  many obsessed fans and casual goers. Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Episode IV A Fan’s Hope is a deep look into the convention itself and a handful of the people who make up the heart of what comic-con has become. Focusing on 2 artistic hopefuls, a costume designer and a couple who met and fell in love at comic-con and the surprise proposal that is going to happen.

The movie clearly shows the power that geek culture has gained in the last 10-15 years. With television shows like The Big Bang Theory that has helped make the geek life more acceptable and recognized . It’s ok for those who like sci-fi and comic books and video game addicts to be ok with themselves and comic-con is their Super Bowl, Oscars and any top event for those who love what they do. With various celebrity interviews and insight into what drives those who live and love this lifestyle proves to be fascinating and shows that these people are no longer in the minority.

There will always people who think these people are strange and make no mistake, there are people at these events that may cross the line as far as obsession goes, but this is their event and their time to let loose.

Everyone has a little geek in them and geek culture has grown tremendously and this is a brief glimpse into the culture that made being geek, cool.

18 thoughts on “Morgan Spurlock Takes A Deep Look Into Geek Life And Culture”

  1. I remember a YouTube video where Morgan mentioned that the idea had come to him thanks to Stan Lee. I`m glad to know that the project came to fruition.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. I was lucky enough to attend Comic-Con a couple of years back, so I’ll appreciate some of the things shown in the film.

  3. Very interesting. I’m going to Comic Con for the first time this summer. Would love to watch this movie after and compare with my own experience (I think it might just freak me out if I watch it before, haha).

    1. You are very fortunate, Id love to be able to attend. Enjoy the convention and the movie! Thanks so much for reading!

  4. I heard about this and how he is not at all making fun of the fanboys at all like I am sure many expected him too. Definitely gonna check it out. Also interested in his documentary “Mansome”

  5. This was a fun piece by Spurlock. Interestingly enough, our friend and fellow Babbler Tony was the 8th person selected for the documentary. They followed him (and us some) during comic con but his story didn’t make the final cut! Thanks for checking us out!

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