Chronicle Is Not All It Could Have Been

With a recent rash of new films using the “found footage” style of film making, Chronicle continues that trend with a superhero/sci-fi twist. The story revolves around three high school students. One who seems to be an outcast with an extremely difficult home life and his cousin who tries to keep him in his life. They soon become connected to a third student in a most unusual way. While Andrew, the outcast, begins filming every moment of his life with a newly acquired hand held camera, they come across a strange happening while attending a party. After discovering a strange underground occurrence they are bestowed with what appears to be superhuman powers.

While the movie continues each character begins to define who they are in a superhero story line. With one emerging as the villain and one the hero, the beginnings of a comic book-esque story starts to develop. Trying to bring a reality  to this style but severely coming up short. When making a faux documentary style movie, the one key to making it believable is that the acting has to be very good and Chronicle falls very short in this department. Along with poor acting is the sub-par special effects, which also becomes key with this style of film. Not unlike a similar style movie a few years ago, the J.J. Abrams abomination, Cloverfield which also suffered from bad acting altho the effects were just fine until the creature appeared on screen.

If you are really in the mood for an off standard superhero type movie you may be better off watch the underrated M. Night Shamaylan movie, Unbreakable. Or if you are a fan of the pseudo documentary style no one has been able to top the original which is The Blair Witch Project.

With Disney channel acting levels and obvious green screen graphics, Chronicle disappoints what could have been a better story had it been in the hands of the right people. Still, it will have it’s appeal to some. Not every movie is perfect and all movies have a redeeming quality somewhere, Chronicle felt to be lacking in too many areas to be able to truly recommend it as a decent movie.

10 thoughts on “Chronicle Is Not All It Could Have Been”

  1. Need to see this one. You have me curious now as to how it is. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it as well as some negative. I guess I will have to see it for myself. Nice review.

  2. Oh, you think so?
    When I watched the movie I only noticed the green screen graphics and effects, you already say it. It’s pretty obvious. But it doesn’t disturb me. I thought the story was pretty good because I myself could really relate to Andrew.
    But when I look back at it now I think you’re probably right that the acting could’ve been better, but I don’t think it’s at a low Disney Channel level though. Maybe I need to rewatch it:)

    1. I did think the story gave the movie so much potential just felt it could have ben executed better. Thanks for your thoughts though! Glad to have you reading!

  3. I saw the preview for this one and it struck me as the kind of movie I might watch on cable… if there’s nothing else on. Your review just confirms my original impression.

    BTW, I agree with you on UNBREAKABLE, a much better movie than it has been given credit for being.

  4. I would have to say you are right in my eyes as well, but not for the same reasons. I was able to gt past the acting because the are new faces, I was able to get past the special effects even because I grew up through the eighties, but the part that ruined it for me was the predictable story line half way through the movie. Once you find out the whos and the what, you start seeing how they progress with the powers there was no special twist. Once it was revealed that they received powers and that the kids home life sucked, you pretty much knew who was going to be the villian, why, and the only thing you didnt know was how long the movie was going to drag it out for.
    They could have done so much with it, but they stuck to the pro-quo and same ole same ole just to sell tickets and dvd’s. Disappointing to say the least.

  5. I remember seeing a preview for this awhile ago….and then completely forgetting about it. Glad to hear we didn’t miss out on anything spectacular.

  6. I really enjoyed Chronicle the first time I saw it in the movie theater. When I watched it again at home it didn’t have the same magic. Not sure if it was the smaller screen or the fact that I saw it already. The acting wasn’t great, but I want to blame that on the script..the dialogue was very basic and it wasn’t realistic of how teenage boys interact with each other.

  7. I will have to agree wit you about the special effects being of low quality and the acting being sub par. However, I thought it was a decent look at the super hero genre from a different perspective. I hate the documentary style that some Hollywood movies are abusing but I think this movie makes use of it in a justifiable fashion.

    The movie reminded me a lot of ‘Unbreakable’, with one obviously good guy and one obviously bad guy. *SPOILER ALERT* Though I am little pissed off that the black guy had to die midway. I was hoping for some 2 Vs 1 good versus bad fight. For the budget the movie had, I think the special effects were okay and could be forgiven.

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