Nitro Circus 3D Pulls Out All The Stops

The Nitro Circus crew is a unique group of thrill seeking professionals that could even make Evel Knievel cringe. The stunts  performed by this group have been described as having only two out comes, success and death. Their hit MTV show has hit the big screen in 3D with their first feature, Nitro Circus 3D.

The film chronicles the group as they prepare for their unprecedented live show in Las Vegas. With various stunts tried out by all members of the “Nitro Family” they push the limits of science and the their bodies with every creative idea they have. Some stunts so unbelievably dangerous the fact they have to leave the country just to legally try them does not deter this band of stunt wild men, and one woman.

Recently I had the chance to interview Jolene Van Vugt, the only female from the Nitro family. When I asked her if the group felt a need to go bigger and better for the movie as far as their stunts are concerned, she said, they didn’t feel that need because they are always pulling out all the stops on every trick and stunt no matter what.

The outrageous stunts pulled off on a regular basis on the Nitro Circus TV show are some of the most amazing stunts you will see professionals and non professionals like “Streetbike” Tommy have ever pulled off in any setting. The stuff done in the film, whether intentional or not, seem to take things to another level. Back flipping big wheels between high rise towers in Panama may take the cake but, make no mistake, every stunt is worthy of a tip of the cap and high praise.

The film is only released in 3D, and , not being a 3D fan I must say, it may be the only way to see this movie. The RealD 3D will make your stomach sink and your heart race more than any other way to view Nitro Circus 3D besides a live viewing.

Wondering about the creativity of the stunts, I asked Jolene if anyone has every thought of a stunt no one was willing to try, her response was great, she said, “No because no one is allowed to propose a stunt they are not willing to do themselves. Your butt has to be able to cash that check”! She wasn’t kidding. Every member of the Nitro team cashed their checks and then some.

With a class group of people that you feel anyone could be your friends, the Nitro team brings pure entertainment right into your lap. They make their show feel like Jackass on steroids with a determination to pull everything off and give you every cent of your money’s worth.

4 thoughts on “Nitro Circus 3D Pulls Out All The Stops”

  1. sounds like an interesting movie and group love the jackass on steroids joke about the group and can see why they do not do a stunt if they are not willing to try it themselves for think they do not want to risk winding up having something bad happen trying a stunt with out practice

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