Guest Blogger: Margaret Perry Kicks Off Oscar Season

Our latest guest blogger comes to us as the author of two of her own blogs and . She was kind enough to contribute to our site and wrote a great look into the Oscars and gets this award season going. Be sure to check out her sites and let her know how much you enjoy her writing styles.

‘Tis the season to watch movies, fa la la la laaaaa la la la la! The holidays might be over, but ever movie lover knows that January and February are the most exciting months in the cinematic calendar. This year the 85th Academy Awards ceremony will be held on February 24, a date I am certain most of seth-macfarlane-oscars-2013you have marked in red ink in your daily planners.

The first couple Oscar ceremonies were held in the Spring, then a few took place in November. It wasn’t until the sixth or seventh ceremonies that they started hosting them in late February or early March. The first Academy Awards dinner was a private event held in a hotel. About 200 guests attended at the cost of 5$ per head. Not to bad, eh? Did you know that the first ever recipient of an Oscar statuette was not even an American? The very first Academy Award ever presented was given to German tragedian Emil Jannings. Here are some more fast facts about the Academy Awards:

  • Oscar ceremonies were held in hotels until 1942, when increased attendence necessitated the move to theatres.
  • The first televised Oscar ceremony was in 1953.
  • 1966 was the first year a full color televised ceremony was broadcast.
  • The ceremony was first broadcast internationally in 1969, and has been ever since.

As you know, there are two distinctive periods within the calendar year that the best films are released: over the summer break and in the bleak midwinter months immediately preceding the Oscars. This second period is not only because the timing makes good promotional publicity for Oscar buzz, but also so you can pack your family off to the movie theatre before everyone starts going a bit ape-sh*t over the turkey and cranberry sauce. Let’s face it – movies keep us all sane.

Or do they? Each year, when the list of nominees is announced, controversy and consternation soon follows.  On the Cinematic Katzenjammer blog you can vote on what you believe to be “the biggest snub of the Oscar nominations.” And that’s before the awards are actually given!

Then there is the whole red carpet ordeal – who’s wearing what and with whom and why. There’s always at least one idiot (usually Sacha Baron Cohen or Kathy Griffin) who is going to embarrass themselves before they even make it into the theatre. And what about the hosts and presenters? Is Cher going to wear enough clothing to satisfy the Hayes Code?

The-nominations-for-2013-Academy-Awards-will-be-revealed-two-weeks-earlier-than-this-years-were-350x324While I was at college, I started my own tradition of printing out ballot card for my my friends and having an Oscar party. Before the ceremony we would vote on who we wanted to win and then we would tally the points throughout the show. There was no winner, because just because somebody agreed more with the Academy doesn’t mean that everyone else was wrong. The Academy has made its share of mistakes. For example: Viola Davis totally deserved to win Best Actress over stupid old Meryl Streep! But maybe I shouldn’t open up that can of worms.

I would love to hear what traditions you and you friends have for Oscar season. Do you have a particular method of viewing Oscar-worthy films throughout the year? Some people try to see every summer blockbuster, or every movie that premiers Christmas week. Others get really deep into the Indie and international scene. How do you celebrate Oscar night itself? Are you a red carpet gossip, or are you hard-core there just for the awards? I can’t wait to swap Oscar stories with all my fellow film fans!

9 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Margaret Perry Kicks Off Oscar Season”

  1. The Oscars are my least favorite part of the joy of movies. Part of it is because I am cinema’s white trash cousin with no appreciation for the finer things in life (give me more Bond gadgets, superhero beatdowns and Danny DeVito comedies). The other part is that, usually, the films up for the major awards are ones I’ve never heard of nor would have any desire to see. This is the first year in memory in which I could name all the nominees, and have seen most of them (Silver Linings Playbook was overrated; Pi was visually stunning; Dhango was a lot of fun; Argo should get the win!), so maybe I’ll actually watch, but probably not. It all strikes me as a big Hollywood circle jerk. That’s just my admittedly unrefined opinion. That said, I loved the Oscars trivia you shared! Thanks!.

      1. I didn’t want you to take it the wrong way and think I was being a troll. But back on track, if the Oscars continue with a more mainstream trend, it would be something I’m more inclined to follow.

  2. The Oscars always leave me a little flat, despite how much I want to enjoy them. This year’s Golden Globes show was a TREAT in contrast – I hope that the producers of the Oscars take a hint and realize that the right hosts, tone, and speed makes a huge difference. Or just rehire Tina and Amy…

    1. You can’t really go wrong with those two, can you? I am hoping this year’s Oscars will also highlight the work done by women this year in film (although it was really TV that was most progressive). I am often disappointed by the Oscars, but they cannot be underestimated in regard to their influence over film trends. I wouldn’t say that they are the be all and end all of film criticism, but they do get audiences considering a certain quality standard which I think is good for the industry.

  3. the oscars really do not do much for me . for i just watch the ones that i care about like the big ones for best actor and best picture. and half the time switch when they do what is to me mostly filler or the winner starts blabbing on with their speeches. since some deserving films never get the nom for one due to some of the academy being out of date with the times. like george clooney never getting an oscar

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