The Movie Industry Is Looking Up

Movie-Industry_6986017It’s been quite sometime since the film industry has experienced a banner year such as it did this year. The theaters set record numbers, not just in the summer, but throughout the year. The awards season seemed to be one of the most successful in recent memory with phenomenal winners in all aspects.

Where the film industry has really seen it’s increase is with the access of streaming movies. With more sources coming out and the ability to watch all online videos directly on their TV’s with the advent of smart TV’s and video devices the movie industry has never been more accessible.

There are many reasons for the increase in revenue and the biggest key has to be is that the money is being put back into the movies. Its not a case where the money is going all to the actors top price billing and there is nothing left for development. Actors salaries have seem to come down and are willing to take less for the good of the movie. a prime example is George Clooney who makes the movies he wants to make and more often takes a salary of scale so the film is never compromised and it has proved to suit him well as he might be one of the most respected people in Hollywood.

The second reason is the story and effects are being molded wonderfully and not nearly as much is being rushed out just for the sake of having it come wilmington-nc-film-industryout. The film makers are being given the time and resources they need to make the best product available. 3D has raised ticket prices but has not seemed to slow down audiences from flocking to the theater to see there favorite superheroes come to life right in front of them. While it still seems to be gimmick to some, there have been advances in the technology that have made the films look and feel better. A key example was Peter Jackson’s release of The Hobbit and a new speed of film and that seemed to be a smash success.

If this year is any sign of things to come, than movies fans have a lot of good things to look forward to.

13 thoughts on “The Movie Industry Is Looking Up”

  1. While I agree that it was a great year for movie, I wonder if Clooney is really getting his salary cut or that he’s just not worth to open a movie all by himself starring in it.

    1. I personally believe that Clooney is one of the top 5 biggest stars in the world. I saw an interview with Clooney where he says that he purposely takes the minimum salary allowed by the union so that he can spend the money in better places. He does commercials in Europe for his bigger money

      1. I really hate to do this, but I’ve to. When wasthe last time Clooney opened to big box office in America letalone worldwide. You can maybe say he’s still a star in USA alright, but not worldwide. His movies off-late have bombed at the Worldwide BO. If I had to choose a true movie star who can open big worldwide right now, would be Tom Cruise and Will Smith. And they are the ones who have the right to demand a big paycheck.

      2. Tom Cruise and Will Smith may make money in other countries but their films are empty and meaningless. When you make strong films with great wrtiting directing and acting constant nominations and accolades. He doesnt make movies so they are blockbusters. He makes films with heart and meaning for the art of challenging himself. Tom Cruise and Will Smith pump out the same characters and type of film that they phone in their performances lately.

      3. To be branded as one of the top 5 ” Stars ” in the world you need to make some money to justify that tag. And let’s not forget that these guys too have made movies with heart and meaning, and have also won nominations and accolades as well to movies that have also been both a critical and financial success which Clooney lacks especially in the BO department. Am talking strictly acting wise. And don’t tell me that his Batman movie had heart !

      4. The Oceans movies made tons of money. While I agree that Smith has had his nominations and some small wins Clooney JUST won the academy award for best picture as he was a producer and has a best supporting actor oscar as well. Tom Cruise is a terrible actor and will never win anything above an MTV award

      5. The Oceans films were multi-starred, so you can’t justify that point. Ok so he won a best supporting award. And Tom’s not bad either he’s got 3 Oscar nominations FYI that in no way justifies him to be terrible. So when you take all things into consideration awards as well as BO Tom and Will are easily the bigger stars then Mr.Clooney.

  2. Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are big enough stars that they can make any movie they wish. If it bombs, it bombs. They’re not worried about that. “Good Night And Good News” is a perfect example of this. Clooney refinanced his house in Italy so that he could make the movie his way, and I loved it. (Can’t speak for other movie goers). Will Smith and Tom Cruise could make those kind of movies too, and I like to think they would if they really liked the script, but who knows. “About Schmidt” (which bored me) was made because Jack NIckelson liked the script; so I guess it’s all subjective like so many other things.

    1. Thanks for your comments and reading!! I do think tho you meant “good night and good luck” which I loved as well!! Thanks again for stopping by!

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