Tina Fey and Paul Rudd Apply For Admission

admission-posterThere is no doubt that Tina Fey and Paul Rudd are two of the hottest screen stars working right now. So it only seems logical that they would team up for a movie and their latest film, Admission is it. Paul Rudd is a seasoned comedy film veteran and Tina Fey is a seasoned television comedy veteran and so one could only anticipate the chemistry these could make on screen.

Not to disappoint anyone but don’t keep your expectations too high. The two play their roles just fine and as you would expect but there is no wondrous connection between the two.

The story is that of a Princeton University admissions officer who is highly career driven until her life is thrown a wrinkle when the persistent John Pressman enters her life as the determined overseer of an alternative high school. Rudd believes in a strong and smart student whom he also believes is Tina Fey’s son. After she continuously attempts to avoid the situation, she is drawn in and also believes it may be her son and simultaneously begins to believe in the student herself. Soon a small connection is formed between Rudd and Fey as well as Fey and her perspective son. With no big twist and no shocking ending it is the exact film you expect it to be. The highlight of the movie turns out to be the wonderful Lilly Tomlin, who is, to our benefit, enjoying a great career rebound.th

Keep in mind there is a reason this film is being released around this time of year. This is a “dead time” for films. There are no blockbusters and no award contenders set for release. Thats not to say that every now and then certain gems don’t show up, but nothing is expected. This film is being released in that perfect time period because it’s not a surprise hit, nor is it a complete disaster (which often has to do with it’s release time). It’s an enjoyable 90 plus minutes and thats all that it is meant to be.

If you are looking to fall in love or be truly surprised, this isn’t your movie. Tina Fey isn’t playing Liz Lemon and Paul Rudd isn’t playing a Judd Apatow character.

This isn’t the kind of movie I am going to say to avoid,but on the other hand I can’t truly say it should be avoided, fans of either actor will enjoy their time.

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