*DVD/BluRay Release Re-Post* Daniel Day-Lewis Breathes Life Into Lincoln

Lincoln-2012-Movie-PosterSome of the best working directors tend to make a film every few years to further ensure they produce the best they have. Along these lines, Daniel Day-Lewis similarly takes on a role just every few years and rarely makes a movie twice in the same year. His commitment to the character and need for the right project are just a couple of the reasons for his long hiatus’ in between projects. Fortunately we have been graced with a Daniel Day-Lewis project this year and not surprisingly he has once again blown our minds.

Steven Spielberg is the director at the helm for the epic film, Lincoln focusing on the 16th president. The story focuses on the push to pass the 13th amendment to end slavery which ultimately would end the civil war. The war is in it’s 4th year and is exhausting the country of all it’s fine men, young and old. The whole country is suffering and president Lincoln can see this and understands the need for this to end quickly. Slavery being at the crux of the war, the 13th amendment would make slavery illegal and all but end the war.

The inside look at Lincoln’s struggles to pass the amendment can be an ugly one. Anyone who didn’t think politics was an ugly, dirty game, even for those considered to be the “good guys” like Lincoln has to be kidding themselves.xxx-lincoln-mov-jy-0529-4_3_r560

Much of the movie is different cabinet meetings with the president and discussions on what is needed to pass the amendment, which can give it a fairly slow tone. None the less it is Daniel Day-Lewis who truly breaths life into the film. A very fine supporting cast worthy of all the accolades give the film it’s authenticity but make no mistake Daniel Day-Lewis incredibly real and what I can only assume is a perfect portrayal of Abraham Lincoln is why I was glued to the seat for the entire 2 1/2 hours.

The acting effort brought forth by Mr. Day-Lewis is 100% worth the price of a ticket. To so intimately see Lincoln in live motion unlike ever before, not that it hasn’t been done several times, you have never felt so transported before when it comes to those films.

With all that praise said let me just say, this movie is  not for everyone. Many will find it boring and uninteresting. The target audience is one of those interested in history and the other group is those who love great acting and when someone puts there whole being into a role. This is truly a movie that will find it’s way into classrooms from now until the civil war and slavery is no longer taught about, which is another way of saying, forever. It is one the perfect historical films in history and will be regarded as so. As far as it’s awards and praise goes, thats a difficult area. It’s acting awards are more than deserved but as far as every other award I’m not sure it’s at that level. Nothing spectacular beyond acting and maybe costumes went into this movie. The script can be found in many history books and I don’t find much difficult in filming scenes in courtrooms or boardrooms, those scenes are all the actors doing and this isn’t much different. But don’t be surprised to see Lincoln covered in gold on Oscar night as it’s the kind of movie the Academy adores.

17 thoughts on “*DVD/BluRay Release Re-Post* Daniel Day-Lewis Breathes Life Into Lincoln”

  1. I found the humor shocking – I wasn’t expecting to laugh at all during this film but laugh out loud several times I did! That certainly helps with the great length. I can’t wait to watch this one again.

  2. Although I’m not a big fan of history per see I did like this movie even though it was a little slow. I did think Daniel did a great job being the 16th president. The dialog was good and the story was understand. I also liked the interaction with the men in the war, he was portrayed as the every man’s president.

  3. Reblogged this on harlekwin and commented:
    Good review, I was going to skip the movie but I will seek it out now.
    The acting talents in show are unquestionable it was simply my lack of interest in watching another American History film.
    I hope I enjoy it as much as this reviewer.

  4. HI there! This has nothing to do with the content of your post. I think your blog is great and I love your reviews ( I can´t wait to see Django Unchained and LIndoln…). I have just noticed you wrote “breaths” instead of “breathes” . I hope the correction doesn´t bother you.

  5. Great review ! This movie could have easily been just another stuffy costume drama, but it was refreshing and fun. Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field almost stole the show themselves !

  6. I’m excited for this movie to come out March 25th but not sure if its going to the Theater worthy, I usually like to keep Theater watching to action packed movies like Transformer type of movies or fast and furious considering I have a home theater without leaving my house practically. I’ve come into money woes lately so I couldn’t afford to go to a theater to begin with anyways lol

  7. Great review!! I loved this film, and fall into the category of an audience member who appreciates great acting, great timing and a storyline that has weighty significance. What I though the film did the best was to get so close to Lincoln, and reveal how beloved a president he really was, and I’m glad you mentioned that….!

  8. I haven’t yet checked the move yet, but with this review I’d definitely take out some time to check out the movie. See, it is such reviews that makes up a reader think about movie. To watch such movies, it is necessary to know our history. Else, you’d be half impressed with knowing nothing about the background of what the movie was scripted about. The era that was shown in this movie indeed had a strong hold on global history. Kudos to the blogger.

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