Top 5 Casino Scenes

Casino scenes feature in many movies of various genres, online casinos like lucky nugget have games inspired by movies as well, they influence each other. Some of them are all about gambling and in some of them the casino is simply a kind of backdrop. Here are what we consider to be the all time five greatest casino scenes, so enjoy.

Rain Man
Rain Man is a film with a moral and a great story to tell. It is all about how Charlie Babbitt played by Tom Cruise sets out to exploit his autistic brother Raymond, played by Dustin Hoffman, but eventually finds that he is rather fond of him. In the process the pair of them play Blackjack in a casino in Las Vegas where Raymond’s photographic memory and card counting skills win them a great deal of money.

Rounders is a cult poker movie directed by John Dahl and starring Edward Norton and Matt Damon. As poker movies go, it is one of the best and there is some excellent casino action. It is called Rounders and that is poker speak for players who do the rounds playing poker and travelling from town to town in order to do so. one of the best scenes is when Mikey first arrives in Altlantic City, sits at the table with old friends, and the table is joined by various supposed fish (which is poker speak for losers).

Casino Royale
It would be impossible to compile a list of top casino movie scenes without including at least one James Bond film, and here the obvious choice is the final scene from Casino Royale in which Bond is involved in a high stakes poker game which includes the arch villain the terrorist financier Le Chiffre. If you love poker, then you are likely to hate the scene which is veritable poker nonsense, but as cinema drama it has so many twists and turns that you can’t help but enjoy it.

Indecent Proposal
This might seem to be a strange choice for best casino scenes, but we are not talking realistic here. Robert Redford has put a lot of chips on the craps table and hands Demi Moore the dice. There is a lot of flirting and symbolism going on, but Demi makes it happen and wins Robert a small fortune.

The movie 21 splits movie fans into those who love it and those who hate it, but anyone with a fondness for blackjack must surely fall into the former category. It concerns the antics of a team of card counters from MIT who take Las Vegas by storm. The best scene? We all love to see casinos lose money, so the best scenes are watching them doing so.

Written by, Marion Brookes

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Casino Scenes”

  1. I am so glad you included ‘Indecent Proposal’ 🙂 Few people would think about it, but the scene is kinda important to the concept of the film as a whole, as well.

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