Thale Is A Thriller Of A Different Style

thale__spanThe horror genre is a tricky area of film. Shock factor can easily outshine smart story telling and the power of making one think and wonder. A rare unique product is sometimes difficult to come by. Right off the bat I must disclose that I am by no means a big fan of the genre. That being said I still like being scared, but I like there to be a new element and smart component to the film.

The recent release of the Norwegian thriller/horror film, Thale from director Aleksander Nordaas has pieces of the elements that attract me to a good scary film. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Aleksander and ask him about his latest film.

The first thing I wanted to know was the background on the movie. Having knowledge that it was based on Norwegian folklore I was curious to know more. Aleksander told me, “It is based on a Norwegian legend of a girl who lives in the woods with a tale. We have taken her out of the folklore and put her in our new modern folklore. And we have based the folklore around her.”

One of the most difficult aspects to making a fantasy type horror film is the budget that comes with it. Any time any special effects are involved the budget can quickly rise. Having an undisclosed small budget I asked Aleksander about making the film on such a small budget. “We got some help from the small town of Mosjoen, where it was shot and where I grew up, just to get the actors a plane ticket. Essentially we started out with nothing on location and just used the props we had available. Basically we wrote the film to fit in to what we had available.”

Movies like this cannot turn out well if you don’t have the commitment and talent in your main actors. I wondered how much of the two well turned out performances was due to their talent and how much was do to the writing. Thale_director-460x460

“Hopefully it was a mixture of both. The actors were always attached to the movie because I knew I wanted to work with these actors and we all wanted to make a movie. I knew the actors from before and knew how they would fit into the movie.

Thale is a wild and captivating movie that will leave you enthralled from start to finish. It is hitting theaters in select cities on April 5 and on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 23. It is truly a must watch for any fantasy and horror fan.

4 thoughts on “Thale Is A Thriller Of A Different Style”

  1. The plots of the two versions vary substantially. The first version opens in St Moritz, Switzerland, not in Morocco. The first climaxes in a siege and shoot-out in London’s East End – a scene not incorporated in the later film – whereas the second ends in the Prime Minister’s Embassy. The kidnapped daughter in the 1934 version becomes a son in the remake.

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