Downey Once Again Flies High In Iron Man 3

iron_man_3_new_poster (2)One of the great turn-around/recovery stories in Hollywood, is that of Robert Downey Jr. A man notorious for his addictions and legal woes has since gone on to be one of the most entertaining and biggest box office draws currently working. His resurrection has been nothing short of spectacular with some great films and performances including an Oscar nomination for his role in the film Tropic Thunder. But the feather in Downey’s cap just might be his bringing to life the comic book superhero, Iron Man and the man in the suit Tony Stark. His role of Stark in 2 Iron Man movies and the Avengers and a cameo as Tony Stark in the incredible Hulk has significantly helped push The Avengers movies forward and make Marvel Studios the leader in superhero movies.

In Iron Man 3 Downey once again dons the iron suit and takes on the quick witted and always charming Tony Stark to take on his latest foe, The Mandarin played by Sir Ben Kingsley. Iron Man 3 takes place directly after the events of The Avengers movies tho that is more or less referenced and has no bearing on the plot or your ability to follow it. With The Mandarin viciously attacking various spots throughout the country he soon directly targets Tony Stark and those b23052e3-1094-3302-8be9-1cef2e1d1ae2whom he cares about including his love Miss Pepper Potts played by Gwyneth Paltrow. After his former body guard and head of Stark Industries security, Happy Hogan is severely injured in one of The Mandarins attacks, Stark calls him out publicly, leading to an attack on his home almost killing him and Miss Potts. He is then sent on a personal mission which leads him to Tennessee where he is alone and without the use of his lab left to repair his suit and try and stop the heinous mad man. With the help of a young boy who remarkably shares Starks love of mechanics and engineering he is once again able to do what it is that Stark does.

This is the first of the three Iron Man films not directed by Jon Favreau and therefore naturally has a different feel to it than the first two. Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black who had previously worked with Downey on the mystery/comedy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and is more well known for his writing such as the Lethal Weapon series. Black brings a tougher more real element to the Iron Man franchise. This element of realism fits well at this point in the franchise because of the events of The Avengers and Tony’s deeper and growing love for Pepper. Dealing with a form of post traumatic stress disorder and the fear of not being able to protect those he cares about is not the side we normally see from a superhero. This is the side of the story that Black brings to Iron Man.

mandarin-iron-man-3Make no mistake the sharp wit and humor of Stark is still a plenty and everything we have come to love about Stark and his alter ego Iron Man is still present in this edition of the series. The action and battle scenes are second to none with spectacular effects and no shortage of explosions to keep everyone enraptured for the whole two hours and twenty minutes. Shane Black and the whole crew aren’t without their surprises as well, within the story and even with their Avengers ties after the credits. One thing is for sure, we know The Avengers 2 is happening but what we don’t know is if this is the end for the Iron Man franchise. With all that said, it is the perfect beginning to the summer blockbuster season.

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22 thoughts on “Downey Once Again Flies High In Iron Man 3”

  1. We get to see that despite Tony Stark being Iron Man and having an awesome suit, his greatest asset is his own intelligence. Something that we haven’t seen touched on with this character for awhile, which I liked. Nice review.

    1. I know that many people hated and despised this film for the unexpected twist, but I actually didn’t mind. In fact it kind of made sense. I mean even Killian said that if you give evil a face, you give it a target. Creating a false alias was pretty smart.

      But I will admit that it wasn’t handled quite as well in this film as in Batman Begins. We learn that the guy we thought was Ra’s Al Ghul isn’t really Ra’s Al Ghul after all. But Liam Neeson’s character takes his place, so we still get that mysterious, icy villain after all. In Iron Man 3 we lose a powerful villain who is replaced by some shady guy from Stark’s past who breathes fire.

      1. Oh yeah. That’s what I was thinking as I watched the movie. The real villain ended up resembling some loser from cartoon like Captain Planet or something. Whatever may be the justification, the twist was a bit of a let-down for me. I was looking forward to an epic showdown, which I know now, is not going to happen in the entire Marvel Movie Universe.

        I hope Man of Steel, after all the teasing about General Zod, will not end up telling us that Lex Luther was behind everything. I would hate WB and Nolan for that, like, forever.

  2. I really enjoyed this movie! Well, what I saw of it. I haven’t seen the ending because the fire alarm went off at the cinema about 30 minutes from the end. I really like that we see the human side of Iron Man, i.e., he’s obviously not invincible. This is something that I think is missing from the Superman franchise. I loved the humor in this movie. I think that Shane Black did a great job of bringing Robert Downey Jr’s wit into the movie, and I hope that they make an Iron Man 4.

  3. For me, the movie was a disappointment. Not on the same level as Iron Man 2, but it never quite reaches the levels of Iron Man 1 either. For one thing, I am glad that it is an actual ‘Iron Man’ movie and they had literally zero references to the Marvel Universe. Iron Man 2 was ruined because of all the marvel universe references. The Potts character continues to be underdeveloped, which given how the movie rolls, is kind of an odd thing.

    Also, could not help notice similar to Dark Knight Rises – another disappointing movie – with the hero going down and rising. Robert Downey Jr. is still awesome though.

  4. have to say with iron man three and rdj performance as tony and iron man. plus how fast iron man three is tearing up the box office . Disney is proving that it really knew what it was doing buying marvel . not to mention love how they manage to do the mandarin on screen without him coming off as an offensive racial bad guy

  5. Excellent review of a fun movie. Hopefully, all the other comic book movies will be as good this summer. Bring on Man of Steel!

  6. Great review! I am curious what future the Marvel franchise will have especially with recent news coming out. I am certain it helped boost ABC’s recent decision to air the “Agents of SHIELD” TV series. Can’t wait to see what “Thor – The Dark World” has in store for us!

  7. Tony’s most recent armor is protected by an energy-draining shield which expands from the gauntlets, as well as a personal deflector shield. The armor grants Tony superhuman strength (lifting 100 tons at maximum power). Its Jet boots enable flight at Mach 8; he can also hover utilizing a localized gravity field. The armor’s internal air supply lasts more than one hour and can be sealed for travel through low oxygen, underwater or outer space environments. The armor also features a chronometer, radar, sonar, a magnometer, an atom-force microscope, photon, heat, motion and other sensor instruments. The armor contains a subspace/satellite radio communications array which receives local radio and video signals; the armor can also jam transmissions. The chest plate features the unibeam, a powerful searchlight that can project beams in virtually every light spectrum (visible, infrared and ultraviolet); it also features a laser beam projector, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) generator which can shut down electronic devices within a 50-yard radius, a scanning device that travels along energy waves emitted from the unibeam and a holographic generator.

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