Jack Reacher Does Just That, In A Desperate Way

Jack ReacherWithout question,one of the best scripts written in the last 30 years was 1995’s The Usual Suspects by Christopher McQuarrie. It was smart and near perfect with arguably the best twist ending ever. The only thing wrong with it is that it was his first big script and his last best script. McQuarrie has gone on to write several more movies and even direct two, the most recent being one of Tom Cruise’s latest, Jack Reacher.

Jack Reacher is based on the book “One Shot” by Lee Child. The film tells the story of a former military police officer who has since gone underground and is difficult to find until he resurfaces when a someone from his past is faced with charges of sniper murders in Pittsburgh. Reacher comes to town to make sure the now comatose suspect is put away for life until a series of events and findings, leads him to think otherwise.

Jack Reacher is based on a critically acclaimed book and was a highly anticipated release. It, for lack of a better term, completely fell flat. There are several reasons for this but we will focus on only a few.

My first impression of the movie was it played out and even the actors, seemed to be acting as if they were filming scenes for a video game. It was incredibly bad as far as acting goes. With lines delivered almost comically. Tom cruise, who at one point seemed to be in line for a sure fire Oscar seems to be phoning in all his performances lately and when he is there, over acts to an incredible degree.

The second impression I had was that it felt like McQuarrie tried too hard to have as good of a twist as he did in The Usual Suspects and in doing so, you could see “the twist” coming from miles away.I don’t consider this a spoiler because by my account it wasn’t a twist at all. It may be the fact that since Suspects everyone wants a twist and looks for a secret ending so it is much harder to fool audiences. I was recently told that you could see the ending to Silver Linings Playbook coming; I hope so there is no need for a shocker nor should there be. The purpose of the film is not to catch you off guard.

The last problem i have with this movie is that I saw all this coming. I’m not a Tom  Cruise fan and haven’t been in nearly 15 years. He has made no more than 2-3 decent movies in recent memory and takes no chances. He relies completely on his name and makes no attempt as some actors do the prove his worth as an actor..

Therefore if you are looking for a 2 hour time waster and a movie you can watch while also reading a book through than this is the film for you. Don’t look for this movie to make any “good movie” lists. Its not exactly a razzie winner but it’s not anything to make you write home.

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2 thoughts on “Jack Reacher Does Just That, In A Desperate Way”

  1. There were so many unnecessary scenes here. I felt this movie was trying too hard and developed an overly complicated plot. And I agree about the ‘twist’ actually being a non-twist. I was pretty disappointed.

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