*Re-Post* 1990’s Coupe De Ville A True Hidden Gem

In honor of my recent interview with write/director Mike Binder I decided to do a retrospective of his films one at a time. The first being his first script, 1990’s Coupe de Ville. I wrote this post on February 14, 2012. Soto get this look started I decided to re-post it.

We all have movies tucked away that few other people remember or saw. These hidden gems tend to be some of our favorites despite whatever critical negativity they received or how poorly they did at the box office. Often these are the movies that are rarely run on cable or network channels and if they are it’s at 3am when only on the night you can’t sleep do you end up re-familiarizing yourself with it. Now just because I mention a movie as a hidden gem doesn’t mean no one knew about it or it didn’t have any popularity, it simply means it’s kind of been forgotten about.

One of these films is 1990’s Coupe De Ville, staring a young Patrick Dempsey and Daniel Stern with Alan Arkin playing their father. The story is of 3 brothers who famously don’t get along assigned with the task of driving their mothers birthday present , a 1954 Cadillac from Detroit to Florida. The brothers encounter various problems along the way and go so far as to nearly wreck the car. They are then forced to repair the damage themselves before delivering it to their mother. While it may sound like a basic plot and a simple movie, it is. What makes it stand out is the chemistry between the characters and the razor sharp dialogue. You truly take this trip with them and feel as though, for a time, you are a member of the family. With comedy that will leave tears in your eyes to the love each brother shows for the other that will fill your heart.

Coupe De Ville was written by then unknown Mike Binder who would go on to create the HBO series, The Mind Of A Married Man and write such films as The Upside Of Anger and Reign Over Me starring Adam Sandler and Don Cheadel. His natural dialogue and superb character development is evident in all his movies and Coupe De Ville was the beginning of great things to come.

Until recently this movies was unavailable to purchase or rent on DVD. But it has since been released on DVD, so if you are looking to feel good and remember what its like to have a family member get under your skin than may we highly recommend Coupe De Ville.

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4 thoughts on “*Re-Post* 1990’s Coupe De Ville A True Hidden Gem”

  1. I did miss this one and will have to give it a go.
    There are so many gems out there lost in the sea of crap.
    The one I found this last year was Queen to Play (2009). A French film co-staring Kevin Klein. I fell in love with this one.

  2. This movie is a classic! As one of 3 brothers I could relate to the interaction between Marvin, Buddy, and Bobby on the ride to Florida. A good flick to recommend to one who wants to sit down and have a good laugh. Hats off to the casting people who found the actors to play the brothers in 1952 Detroit. A young Marvin had the same beak as Daniel Stern!

  3. Thanks for this re-post, I’ll have to look this one up. The plot, as you say, seems to require great chemistry and acting from the main roles. I’d be interested to see how a young Dempsey did in this one. Thanks!

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