How Great And Powerful Is Oz And His Movie?

oz-the-great-and-powerful03When you attempt to make a sequel, prequel or remake a classic film, the critics will be out with talons, salivating to tear apart every aspect of the film. And when you tackle a movie as beloved as The Wizard Of Oz expect even more criticism. This of course does not stop Hollywood brass from doing all they can to make a buck based on former greatness.

The latest attempt to do so is Sam Raimi’s Oz The Great And Powerful. This is the prequel to The Wizard Of Oz. It is the story of how a traveling magician and illusionist Named Oscar (nicknamed Oz) is carried away to the magical land of Oz, much like Dorothy would be later on. Once he arrives in the land he is greeted by Theodora ,a witch who who thinks he is there to fulfill a prophecy and rule the land. She believes him to be a great wizard sent there to destroy a wicked witch that is ruling the land with an army of men and flying monkey’s. He sets out to kill the wicked witch to claim the fortune of the wizard as a reward. When he discovers Glinda, whom he believes to be the wicked witch, he finds out she is in fact the good witch. A power struggle ensues with the help of the good people of Oz leaving him in control of the Emerald City and the land of Oz.

James Franco’s performance feels a bit over the top and almost campy, while it may be intended it still seems to take away from the film just a bit. He is supposed to be a show business man and yet he is a bit of a con man as well. This does prove to be the weakest part of the film tho which is actually a positive thought.

The highlights performance wise are that of the three witches played by Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams. But the true star of the movie is the CGI and special effects, most notably that of Oz’s companions Finley and China Doll. The life like way Finley speaks and moves has set new bars in motion technology.

The story is quite predictable without it making the story seem to drag along. It is as entertaining as it could be when held up in comparison to The Wizard Of Oz. It explains some of the most loved parts of the original movie with a sense of new movie story telling. The dialogue and sense of humor that overlays the movie will keep young ones engaged as well adults. Also much like the original, do not be surprised if children are scared at certain aspects of the movie.

All that being said expect an entertaining and enjoyable movie that is visually stunning and an elegant ride that leads you straight into a classic story.

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8 thoughts on “How Great And Powerful Is Oz And His Movie?”

  1. I definitely agree with your comments about Finley and China Doll, but really differ with you about James Franco. Outside of the obvious weight gain the Wizard took in his later years :-), Franco’s Wizard seems perfect to me. Perhaps it’s all on your take of the Wizard to be. I could easily imagine Franco’s Wizard growing into the elder.. But that said, I enjoyed reading your take on the movie.

  2. I really liked to hear your take on this movie. However, one thing this blog could really use is a rating system. It just seems logical (to me, at least) to have a 1-5 rating system, or something of that nature.

    1. Ive considered that but so often a movie may have good qualities but overall maybe a 2 or 3 but the few good qualities are still worth the seeing the movie and if I rated it a 2 I may feel people would immediately give up on it. I want people to read the whole article and decide on those merits if it’s something they wanna see

  3. I watched Army of Darkness a few weeks ago. Even though I’ve seen it before, I was being reminded of another movie. Then I realized Oz The Great and Powerful was a disney’ed up version of Army of Darkness, lol. Stranger in a strange land destined to save it from evil. But you have some good points on Oz.

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