Rushlights Shows Falshes Of Value

rushlights_w_lg2_{c2012c8b-4f1d-e211-a8d1-d4ae527c3b65}Everyone enjoys a good thrill ride and intriguing who done it story. The trouble is making one that keeps you engrossed the entire time. Rushlights has all the right elements of a good thriller without the budget and execution. That’s not to say it’s a bad film but like some independent thrillers it has holes within itself.

Rushlights is the somewhat true story of a young couple who fake the identity of a former roommate who died of a drug overdose.They take their documents and story to a small midwest town where they begin living as different people to claim the inheritance of someone they are not. Soon a former foe shows up in town and they discover the town they have come to has it’s own corruption they are inept to handle. This leads to a exit that doesn’t solve the situation.

The film stars upcoming actors Josh Henderson and Haley Webb as the young couple and would be thieves. Hot on their trail is Beau Bridges and and Aidan Quinn as the locals all with their own secrets to hide.. Joining Beau is his son Jordan as a member of the police force.

As I mentioned before the story has many holes but that isn’t to say it’s not worth a viewing. All stories have holes, even the best ones. The acting once again leaves something to be desired, especially from it’s main principles. Beau Bridges turns in a classic veteran performance while Aidan Quinn plays with him fairly well.

The trouble with small films as opposed to independent films is the time thats allowed to get things right. Independent films are never released until they feel they are perfect (usually). Smaller films tend to still have people behind them demanding to “just get it done”. Unfortunately this falls into the later category, or at least that’s how it

I try not to be negative but the down points do slightly outweigh the high points. This is not to say it wasn’t an enjoyable film, it was. With time and the right people behind it, it could have been very good. That could be said of many bad movies with great stories as well tho.

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