Ocean Men: Extreme Dive Pushes Blu Ray To The Limits

Ocean MenMovies are made for several different reasons ranging from money to an artistic need. Yet there are some made to test the limits of technology the industry has available while telling a simple yet compelling story. Not all movies are or need to be hours long to fulfill their purpose.

New to BluRay is the movie Ocean Men: Extreme Dive. Originally made for the wondrous use of an IMAx screen, it is the story of two men whose love for the depths of the ocean have them embark on record setting journeys going as deep as is humanly possible on a single breath of air. These men have a need to dive to the most beautiful parts of the earth that one hardly ever sees and to do it in the most natural way. It is a most unusual desire but it is something that burns deep within these men.

The film is, for lack of a better term, visually marvelous and it feels like little, if anything is lost in the transfer to BluRay. The wonders of the earth have never looked as gorgeous as they do in this short documentary. The crystal clearness of the water looks as perfect as it was intended to be. The underwater shots are like living paintings of the most beautiful kind known to man.

The movie though is not just a visual masterpiece. It is also a lesson in the science behind free diving and the dangers that accompany it. There is much to be learned and respected in this little known extreme sport.

Though only 40 minutes long, Ocean Men will draw you in visually and have you on a beautiful journey with two simple living and passionate men. It is not to be missed and can be a benchmark of your BluRay collection to show the limits of the technology we enjoy.

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