Is Closed Circuit The Thrill It Appears To Be? Review

movies-closed-circuitOne of last year’s highly praised films was Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Any intriguing film with very fine acting but had some of the most dry uninteresting moments of the year. With a good ending saving it, it’s action and thrills were VERY subdued.

The producers of Soldier Spy have a new political thriller starring Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall and Julia Stiles. This time around there is no shortage of thrills and intense moments. The action isn’t Terminator worthy but is without a doubt they have amped up the excitement.

Martin is a divorced lawyer who is called in to defend the suspect in the biggest terror attack in London and largest murder trial of the century. His co-lawyer is Claudia Simmons-Howe who just happens to be his ex lover and reason for his divorce. As I have zero understanding of British law and court system I am at the mercy of what the movie tells me. The two defending attorney’s are not allowed to have contact during the pre trial research which proves to be most difficult as the case unfolds, and not for romantic purposes. Martin was brought in to be the defense because a friend of his who was the defense lawyer appears to have committed suicide. As Martin and Claudia dig deeper they realize that is not the case and their client is not who the prosecution is making him out to be. The defendant’s son is the one who holds the key to his fathers innocence and Martin and Claudia are determined to make sure he can exonerate his father.

There is only a handful of problems I had with Closed Circuit and the main one being that the film is way too short. Coming in at just over 90 minutes, the extra time could have been used to develop the backstory a little deeper and explain some things that are taken for granted and left unspoken. Martin has a Closed Circuitson himself and it would have been nice to see a little more developed with him.

That said, Closed Circuit is without a doubt a top notch ride of excitement. With questions and wonder around every corner you can’t help but keep your eyes locked on the screen.

Well thought out story lines make for a great political thriller that does not try and make a political statement, it just showed what we all know and that is most governments have their corrupt side and will at times do whatever it takes to save face. The film does not come across as a film with a message by any means but the government is the engine at the center of a good story and high powered thrill.

This will not be any award contender by any means but thats not to take away from the entertainment value that the film exudes. It is one well worth your time, no matter how little the time is.

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