Hollywood And Broadway Has Always Been A Happy Pairing

Theatre TicketsFor years now musicals and musical theatre has awed audiences young and old. For many of those years tho the challenge has arose to transfer that great experience to the big screen. In recent years Hollywood has occasionally gotten it right.

This past February at the Academy Awards the theme was a tribute the musical to honor the last musical to take the best picture Oscar, Chicago which celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary. It was only fitting that one of the most celebrated musicals of all time was a best picture nominee in Les Miserable.

Les Mis took a unique and risky approach to filming the musical when it recorded the voices live as if it were a live production. There was no post production recordings so as to give it as real as a feeling of a live musical as possible. While it was a wonderful production, quite possibly the best film production of the musical, it didn’t give quite the feeling a live show gives you.

Musical theatre is one of the most underrated forms of entertainment. To turn in a pitch perfect performance every single night, is just incredible. If you have never seen a live professional musical performance you are doing yourself a disservice. Theatre Tickets are always available so that no one has an excuse as to not being able to attend no matter what major city you are in. Anything from Mama Mia! to Jersey Boys is available so there is something for everyone.

While Hollywood always looks to the stage for new film ideas, it is a two way street and stage directors look to Hollywood for new musical and stage production ideas. For example one of the most successful in recent years was the adaptation of Disney’s Lion King with it’s breathtaking stage productions and art work. As well as one of the most beloved films of all time, The Wizard Of Oz spawned the show Wicked about the origin of the witches of the land of Jersey-boysOz.

There is also a soon to be musical based on the Oscar winning boxing film of Rocky. As odd of pairing as that may seem, you can bet Tickets will be at a premium for that show like so many others.

Soon we will have a screen adaptation of Jersey Boys, the story of the struggles and rise of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. The good thing to look forward to here is that Clint Eastwood is at the helm. This may sound odd but when you understand the musical knowledge and talent Eastwood has he just may do the story justice.

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