OPENS TODAY 8/23 The World’s End Concludes A Rare Comedy Trilogy

20130802-141254.jpgSimon Pegg and Edgar Wright have accomplished something very unique to the film industry. They have formed a trilogy of three seeming unrelated movies but managed to make them synonymous and forever linked with each other while having very small and subtle connections to one another.
The conclusion to this unusual trilogy is The World’s End. It is the story of five friends who have lost touch and even a few who just flat out want nothing to do with some. At the behest of the former ring leader Gary (Simon Pegg) he rounds the gang together in an attempt to complete what Gary considered the best night of his life. In tat night they attempted a legendary pub crawl of 12 local pubs with the finale being, The World’s End. The craziness that ensues is that they discover their old hometown has been infected by alien creatures who put on a friendly persona while still attempting to take over the world. The epic pub crawl turns into a quest to save whats left of the human race.
British humor is not for everyone and it has evolved from a Fawlty Towers type humor to a more westernized. Yet the dryness and subtlety is still very much a center point. On going jokes and even past references still exist. Simon Pegg has hit the mainstream with the Star Trek films, (in which he is fantastic) but has not forgotten what his forte is and what got him discovered. But through all this he has cemented himself as an extremely smart and very good comedic actor which is tough to find. When it is all said and done he may have a resume with the likes of Bill Murray and Steve Martin who are good actors and great comedians and have found a great way to merge the two.
Unlike most trilogies, these three films have gotten better or maintained a great equality, with Shaun Of The Dead most likely maintaining the best of the three. That said every fan of these men has their favorite of the trilogy and look for many to jump on the bandwagon of this one soon as well. I know this reviewer sure has.
Don’t look for something epic, a surprise ending or even things to take a different turn. It is an alien movie with comedy and everything that encompasses.One thing is for certain, we can only hope that Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright don’t part ways anytime soon. This movie will not be enjoyed by all but lives up to what all fans hope for from this team.

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8 thoughts on “OPENS TODAY 8/23 The World’s End Concludes A Rare Comedy Trilogy”

  1. Excellent post!! Loved loved loved it. Of course, I haven’t seen Shaun of the Dead in awhile so i may have to go back and compare. but still, lots of fun. It’s a shame it won’t be received nearly as well in here in the States. . .

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