The Coen Brothers Look To Throw Their Hat In Oscars Ring Once Again

Inside Llewyn DavisThe Coen brothers recently released a second trailer for their upcoming film Inside Llewyn Davis. The story of a struggling folk singer in 1960’s New York is one that could be intriguing and deep in the classic Coen brothers style.

One thing that stood out to me was the clips of John Goodman in his 6th Coen brothers film and is LOOOOONG over due for, not only an Oscar nomination but certainly a win. He is not only a giant of a man, but a giant of an actor. There is nothing he shy’s away from, nor will he ever.

The film also features entertainment super star, Justin Timberlake. Fresh of his Video Vanguard Award and a reunion with N’Sync, he continues his successful assault on the movie industry as well as the music industry. He has become the biggest star in the world. You know when the Coen brothers tap you for a major roll, you have made the big time.

Perennial contenders at the Academy Awards, look for the Coen brothers to once again have their trademark tattooed all over the award ceremony.

3 thoughts on “The Coen Brothers Look To Throw Their Hat In Oscars Ring Once Again”

  1. I also think it’s odd that John Goodman has never received an Oscar nomination, While I agree that Alan Arkin deserved a nod for Argo, Goodman could have gotten one as well. And there’s always Lebowsky.

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