Parkland Takes A Unique Look At The JFK Assassination

Parkland-Poster-jpg_220933To continue our look into possible award contenders, we examine the recent trailer and what looks to be quite a powerhouse film. Parkland is the a different look at the JFK assassination and for the most part looks to leave the conspiracy theories out of the topic. For the most part it appears to show the crazy events that took place at Parkland Hospital after he was shot.

While no conspiracy theories appear to be discussed, I find it hard to believe that will be possible since some of the theories and accusations took place at the hospital. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t a fresh take on that fateful day. With a solid cast from Paul Giamatti playing the infamous camera operator, Abraham Zapruder, who’s taping of the assassination would become one of the most famous recordings in history. Marcia Gay Harden plays a nurse at the hospital along with Colin Hanks as a doctor at the hospital as well. Ron Livingston, Zac Efron and Billy Bob Thornton round out the cast.

The film is set to be released in early October which is right around the time award contenders start to roll out with every weekend featuring one or more. Look for Parkland which if anything looks to be a heart pumping thrill ride. Let’s hope we aren’t disappointed.

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