Beverly D’Angelo Talks Her New Film And Career

Bounty-KillerThe art of mixing films styles and genres is nothing new, but it is an art that is not easily mastered. Quentin Tarantino is one person who unquestionably has mastered this art. Another may come in form of write/director Henry Saine whose new film Bounty Killer is a marriage of many stylistic films that are sure to please a fan of any one style.

The film features a brief but great performance by the lovely Beverly D’Angelo, most known for her role of Ellen Griswold in the Vacation films. I recently had the chance to talk to her about Bounty Killer and her career.


I had a chance to see the movie and I gotta say, I loved it, it was a lot of fun!


Beverly: Isn’t it great? I know it’s great man I love it too. I mean who wouldn’t want to see a post apocalyptic movie where the bad guys and the ones being hunted by the bounty killers are the corporate leaders that are the ones that took everything down.


What most about the film made you want to be a part of it?


Beverly: Henry Saine, the director, was in the art department on Entourage, and then I saw This short that he had made based on the graphic novel that was written about Mary Death. Then I met Henry and then I met Chrsitian and I just said, “whatever you want me to do, I want to be a part of what you’re doing.”


You are only on screen for a few minutes, but your character and her club has the whole movie center around that area. You really took charge of the role, beverly-dangelowas there anything special you did to prepare?


Beverly: No, one thing about this role was trying to figure out what she looked like was fun. it was fun to build the costume. In fact the skirt that I wore belonged to Henry’s wife. But the hair and make-up I was thinking more punk theme.


In your career you have managed to not be typecast, at all. When you look at your body of work you’ve played everything from a country singer to a character like Lucille to a regular housewife. How have have managed to not get typecast?


Beverly: Because I haven’t pursued a career that has brought me any great success that would make me typecast in something. I’m the laziest girl in town. I’ve had a career by accident (laugh). Really since I’ve had my kids I haven’t been doing much and I can’t really work out of town. My whole thing is being an available parent.


Is there any one project that you are most proud of or that really stands out?


Beverly: I thought American History X was great! Yea there are two things, The other is a movie called The Miracle, That Neil Jordan who did The Crying Game and now has The Borges on Showtime. He wrote a film for me when I lived with him in Ireland, that was a beautiful film. But I got to say those Vacation movies changed my life in that everyone identified with them so much.


Is there any chance we will see the Griswold’s get back together again?


Beverly: There’s a chance! They’ve been talking about it for years and I know that last June Chevy and i were both sent a script and we started negotiating and then they said they were going to re-write it.


Ms. D’Angelo can been seen in Bounty Killer in theaters now. I must say it’s one wild, fun ride!

One thought on “Beverly D’Angelo Talks Her New Film And Career”

  1. How cool you got to talk with Mrs Griswold. Yeah I too would be proud of her work in American History X. She was great in that. Will have to check out Bounty Killer based on your recommendation

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