Space Junk 3D Is More Than Visually Stunning

daddaf5f4dfe7fe8a31d0cdcb2a4eec8Whenever we use our cell phones, the internet or satellite TV rarely do we stop and think about all that goes into how it works. Ever rarer still, do we think about the equipment that makes these things work and how they may be polluting our solar system. That in fact is what is happening as we speak. This is not so much because of the currently used equipment but more because of the unused equipment floating in the several layers of orbit around the earth. This is the topic of RLJ Entertainments latest BluRay release, Space Junk 3D.

Aside from being a visual wonderment, Space Junk is a very informative and compelling documentary. At a short running time of just 37 minutes, we are told of the virtual garbage dump the orbits have become surrounding earth.

Narrated by Academy Award nominated actor Tom Wilkinson, Space Junk tells us just how dangerous this seemingly unknown problem has become. Something that would never have been thought of 30 years ago is now a legitimate threat to earth.

With a thin amount of special features, mostly because of the length of the film and that it seems that the film itself could appear as a special feature on something as “Hollywood” as the latest Star Trek BluRay release. It does feature a brief making of feature as well as a photo gallery of the behind the scenes shooting of the film. There are also a few brief comments from the narrator himself. there is several trailers of other 3D documentaries available as well. None the less it is a stunning story that is accompanied by visuals just as awesome.


Space Junk is now available on BluRay 3D.

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