Award Season Is Once Again Upon Us

Well movie fans we are in the throws of yet another award season. Most people think award season starts when the awards shows like the Golden Globes and the Oscars air on Tv, But this is a slight misconception. In early and mid December, all the critics in various cities and online communities begin handing out their awards for the years films. These awards give us a glimpse into what the awards shows will likely be putting on display.

There appear to be very few surprises in the groups that lead the way. While this years crop of films doesn’t appear to be as large of a group as last years, but it’s strength in it’s front runners just may be.

The group is lead by everyone from the veterans of the Coen Brother’s, the every improving Spike Jonze and continuing his rebirth of his newly embraced style, David O. Russell. The group is not without controversy though as the very strong and daring film maker Steve McQueen has made his presence, not only known, but appears to be leading the way with his latest effort, 12 Years A Slave. McQueens biggest competition for picture appears to be Her starring a revived Joaquin Phoenix in the slightly askew love story.

Two of the strongest leaders right now seem to be from the same film, Dallas Buyers Club from which Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto both appear to be almost locks for best actor and best supporting actor.

The final three major categories of best actress, supporting actress and director, really appear to be very wide open. Look for reviews of all the films in the awards game.

One thought on “Award Season Is Once Again Upon Us”

  1. How true that is! It seems all the posts on In Contention, Awards Daily and Awards Circuit of late are about the critics awards. I enjoy seeing how awards season plays out, though it also saddens me to see how undeserving films get attention to the detriment of smaller films whose distributor does not have the means to finance an expensive awards campaign.

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