Gravity Pulls You Right In

Movie PosterSome times, certain films have a quality or way of being made that make everything line up just right. Some parts of the movie may not be particularly great yet when put together as one it is a very good, or even great, film.

I found this to be the case with Alfonso Cuaron’s, Gravity. Despite starring two Oscar winning performers, and only two Oscar winning performers (for the most part) I did not find it to a wonderfully acted film. Not that I would say it was badly acted by any means, it’s just not George Clooney’s or Sandra Bullocks strongest performance throughout, although Bullock does a wonderful job in the second half of the film. But when the elements of plot, stunning visualization and story and the acting are all brought together, a masterful film is the end result.

This is the story is one of two main characters and those are the only faces seen. a medical engineer (Bullock) and a veteran astronaut (Clooney) are on a space walk when debris from a damaged satellite rips through their ship and equipment leaving two other crew members dead and an unusable ship. They are essentially floating through space and attempting to reach the international space station for any hope of returning home. This leaves astronaut Matt Kowalski to help the unprepared and inexperienced Dr. Stone make it through the unimaginable ordeal.

It may at first thought seem an impossible task to maintain an engaged audience for the length of a film with just two principles and a seemingly do or die situation as a story line. The way Cuaron has written and constructed the film is nothing short of spectacular. The level of intensity and emotion he gets the audience to invest is at such a high level, it leaves the viewer exhausted.

The visual effects, which include wonderful 3D effects are those on rival with what is seen from NASA cameras themselves in space. It is truly a perfect space film and possibly the best and most intense space film in decades. It has a simplicity and beauty that lends itself among the best stories told in movies this year.

As award season draws near, expect Gravity to be in contention for a good portion of the major categories. It has an outside chance of being that film that is just too well made to ignore and could possible over take the heavily favored, 12 Years A Slave for the best picture of the year or even bring Cuaron some well deserved hardware. With all that said, one things for certain, Gravity is a film that that will draw you in keep you there till the final credits roll.

6 thoughts on “Gravity Pulls You Right In”

    1. I guess I wouldn’t say I had a problem with it. I just found moments and lines to be forced and not particularly strong. Thanks for reading!!

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