Gandolfini Leaves Behind A Gem In Next To Last Film

enough-said-movie-poster-1The passing of James Gandolfini was one of the biggest tragedies of 2013 in the world of Hollywood. His loss is still affecting people today and the sting is still being felt. The very bleak upside to this, is the fact that he left us 2 final projects.

The first of the final 2, Enough Said, written and directed by Nicole Holofcener, is the great story of two divorced professionals who find each other and yet have a friend in common. Eva and Albert’s newly formed relationship seems to be headed in just the right direction until Eva discovers her newest massage client and friend is Albert’s ex-wife. As she tends to complain and vent about Albert, Eva starts to see him in a different and negative light. This begins to put a strain on Eva and Albert’s relationship.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ performance is particularly honest and real. The movie is one grounded in reality in it’s story and it’s look. Gandolfini looks and acts like your neighbor who is like many divorced men. Eva is very much a single hard working mother. Her job as a traveling massage therapist is not glamorous and at times takes its toll on her. She, while a very pretty woman, is not an unrealistically mid 40’s woman.

While it is a so-called romantic comedy, it is very much made for adults and people who have lived life, had hard times and had awkward times. Gandolfini and Ms. Dreyfus have a great chemistry that really comes through on the screen in deep in their performances. Gandolfini has his trademark eyes and perfect facial expressions to perfection throughout the film. His SAG award nomination may have been partially sentimental is no doubt worthy of the nomination.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Golden Globe nomination is more than worthy. She sheds all previous ideas of what kind of actress she was. She is not Elaine enough-said-movie-poster-10from Seinfeld and certainly is not the inept Vice President in her new show VEEP. She stretches her acting legs and does so with grace and beauty.

It’s a well written film that is made just as well. An outstanding supporting cast and a movie that warms you to the characters and has you loving them from start to finish. It is finally a date movie that treats you like an adult.

One thing is for sure, its a proud piece to have for many to see Gandolfini in one of the last roles he had, doing what he loved. At the end of the film, before the credits, it simply reads, “For Jim” and thats when it hits you that he’s gone and then you are happy that he made such a fine film in the end.

6 thoughts on “Gandolfini Leaves Behind A Gem In Next To Last Film”

  1. Good review. So incredibly bittersweet. When that ‘For Jim’ post-film notation came up on the screen I about lost it in the theater.

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