Trailer Trash: Guardians Of The Galaxy

The blog will now feature a new section devoted to new trailers. The first trailer to be featured is the new Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is the latest film produced by Marvel Comics. Based on the Marvel comic book, it is about an American pilot in deep space being hunted by the evil Ronan after stealing an orb that Ronan desperately wants. The pilot, Peter Quill has to team up with a cast of alien misfits to protect the orb.

One thing is for sure; Marvel has a knack for making a trailer that can build excitement like no one else. They most likely will have a massive hit, and franchise, on their hands again.

5 thoughts on “Trailer Trash: Guardians Of The Galaxy”

  1. The most incredible thing about this is that Guardians was a C-list property, at best, just 5 years ago. Marvel knows it needs to build the profiles of its lesser-known characters (Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Guardians, etc) because they are NEVER getting Spider-Man or the X-Men franchises back, which would easily be the studios’ biggest money makers.

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