Let The Oscar Predictions Begin

IHer-2013-Love-Story-Moviet is that time of the year that every movie fan looks forward. It’s Oscar week! Whether you enjoy the show and awards or you despise them and what they stand for, we all usually watch and look at the winners.
So it’s with this in mind that I put out my annual Oscar predictions. I plan to cover all the major categories two at a time i.e. best supporting actor and actress in the same article.
Todays article will focus on the writing categories, both adapted and original.
First up is the best adapted screenplay. It should be noted that both these categories are among the tightest races of the night.
Richard Linklater gets a well deserved nomination for his third installment of his Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy love saga. Linklater most likely won’t win, but that shouldn’t suggest his nomination isn’t deserved. Look for him to have more success the night before during the independent spirit awards.
Captain Philips may be the weakest of contenders in this category. It’s a very good movie that tells an amazing story, but it’s screenplay wasn’t anything special or great.
Philomena is a touching and deeply moving true story. It is one of the strongest contenders in the category. The way it’s dialogue and flashbacks are written, it can’t help you appreciate the struggle Philomena had within herself.
The front runner in this category Is without a doubt 12 Years A Slave. Based on a 170 year old book John Ridley brings the 1840’s to life. Ridley wonderfully shows the different mindsets of slave owners of the time 25 years before freedom would come.
Finally is Terrence Winter’s graphic and debauched story of former stock broker Jordan Belfort’s rise and fall. I have stated before the striking similarities in dialogue and scene setups between The Wolf Of Wall Street and Boiler Room. That said, not at all does it deserve a win nor even a nomination.
With all those thoughts, I believe that John Ridley will walk away with this one for 12 Years A Slave.

Let us now look at the original screenplay. This so far has been a dominated category throughout, award season by Spike Jonze. That doesn’t mean Spike doesn’t have good competition to face.
American Hustle has David O. Russell, once again gaining a writing nomination. His competition just may be too stiff along with the fact that the actors greatly improvisedamerican_hustle_banner__1_by_zviray-d66o5lo their lines.
The perennial contender is Woody Allen, who won the category, just two years ago for the near brilliant Midnight In Paris. Allen looks to be the greatest threat to Spike Jonze.
The dark horse movie of the whole night and the one gaining momentum as Sunday draws near is, Dallas Buyers Club. It’s the outside shot at many awards, but I don’t think it has the steam to take this one.
That brings us to Spike Jonze beautiful, almost symphonic like, movie, Her. His brilliant look at not only love, the heart and emotion, but his unique look at the future. Set in the near future, he makes the future seem real.
Finally is Bob Nelson’s look at a man who was never a good father and feels he may have wasted his life in the touching and funny, Nebraska. Wonderfully directed by Alexander Payne and genuinely acted by Bruce Dern is due to their great work but mostly to a great script.
nebraska-poster-quadI would expect Spike Jonze to continue riding the wave of success he has been so far. Tho every contender in this category is well deserved.

6 thoughts on “Let The Oscar Predictions Begin”

  1. I really hope Her will win but there just might be too many old voters who prefer 70’s of American Hustle than this not-so-distant-future world of Her. And many of them don’t have an idea that the actors are improvising. With 12 Years a Slave I agree.

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