Trailer Trash: Godzilla

Todays trailer trash is the new trailer for the enormous undertaking and remake of Godzilla. The studios once again attempt to prey on the underground and cult love of the wonderfully bad Japanese versions. Many remember the first attempt at this that took itself seriously and just made the film bomb. Matthew Broderick and Hank Azaria starred, with nothing redeeming about the film it became a total mess.

The new version appears to give mystery to the monster, allowing for more story. Hopefully they pull off  what has been previously been impossible and make a good entertaining version of the classic film.

6 thoughts on “Trailer Trash: Godzilla”

  1. Damn that looks good! I hope it’s not all tease and a big let down. This could be a real start to a great age in cinema. Or just another overhyped disappointment. Here’s hoping for the former.

  2. I’m excited to see Bryan Cranston role in this; He’s had a lot of smaller roles in these big movies in his career. It appears that he’s going to have some kind of impact in here.
    Was it just me that felt a little Jurassic Park The Lost World vibe going on ?

  3. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been ready for a trip to Monster Island! This appeared to embody a touch of eco-moralizing, but so what? When Godzilla comes to town, I’m willing to suspend (most) of my so called critical faculties along with disbelief!

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