2014 Best Actress Predictions

meryl-streep-august-osage-county-julia-robertsAside from wondering what movie wins the best picture of the year, my truly favorite categories is the best acting categories. Acting is the one thing I really pay attention to and it’s what can make or break a movie for me. Therefore, these two awards are the ones I will be watching with high anticipation. That leads me into analyzing the two awards I love. The trouble with analyzing these two categories¬†this year is that they almost both seem to be locked up

The actress category might be the more locked of the two, but that’s not saying much. Cate Blanchett is the clear front runner for her absolutely brilliant performance in Blue Jasmine. Woody Allen once writes and directs a female role that is for the ages. Her neurotic and eccentric characteristics are so well portrayed you thought you were watching a real person not an actress. She all but has this locked up.

With Blanchett being, so good, as much as it pains me to say, don’t overlook the perennial contender, Meryl Streep. He performance in August: Osage County is one any actress would love to be the feather in their cap. For Ms. Streep it’s another day at the office. She makes the film. Without her the movie falls flat and the chemistry (which was mentioned last article) with Julia Roberts is outstanding.

The weakest, despite her Golden Globe win is Amy Adams. Her performance is not the issue in my book, it’s her accent. The inconsistency is too distracting. She delivers dialogue as good as anyone in the industry. That aside, I wasn’t sure for three quaters of the movie if she was suposed to be British or faking it. It just was a disappointing effort for my taste.

Judi Dench is just wonderful. I am a fan of her as M in the Bond films and just about everything she does. She has an Academy Award for Shakespeare In Love and isblue-jasmine-1 nominated once again for Philomena. Her portrayal of the real life woman seeking to meet her son that was taken from her is so moving and delicate it will bring tears to your eyes.

That leaves us with ANOTHER perenial conteder, Sandra Bullock. She won a few years back for The Blind Side. The film Gravity doesn’t exist without her and her heartfelt and strong acting. She was flat out great. The trouble for Sandra, and pretty much all these lasdies, is the year in which they are nominated and the fact that only one can win.

This year belongs to Cate Blanchett in my opinion and I’m rooting for her, Though I must say if Meryl wins, my heart won’t be broken.

4 thoughts on “2014 Best Actress Predictions”

  1. Great analysis. You are right, both Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock don’t have a chance for the reasons you state. Judi Dench could get a “lifetime achievement award”, but since she has won that momentum might not be there. Meryl has obviously won a lot, and Cate is simply amazing – and will win. I wrote a post about the film and Woody Allen’s “female” problem here:


  2. I haven’t seen Blue Jasmine or Philomena so I don’t even feel like I can weigh in. I can’t believe missed them.

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