Trailer Trash: Annie

One of the most beloved family musicals and movies of the last 35 years is, Annie. Little orphan Annie is heartwarming story of a poor orphan who is invited to live with the richest man in New York and they eventually form a bond and he adopts her.

Well, Annie is getting a makeover with a modern twist. Starring Quvenzhane Wallis who stole hearts in Beasts Of The Southern Wild, in the title role and Cameron Diaz as the evil Ms. Hannigan. Jamie Foxx takes on the Daddy Warbucks character who get’s a new name, Benjamin Stacks. Produced by Jay-Z, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith it will no doubt feature new music and some of the beloved originals with a new twist. Judge for yourself if you think it will be worth the price of admission

2 thoughts on “Trailer Trash: Annie”

  1. I just saw this trailer in the theater. This could be interesting. I am getting tired of Will Smith, but as long as one of his kids isn’t in it, I might actually check this out.

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