300: Rise Of An Empire Strikes Hard

300-Rise-Of-An-Empire-wallpapers-6Eight years ago, Zach Snyder made a name for himself with the most revolutionary film since The Matrix. When Zach Snyder made the, somewhat historical, 300. Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel, who was still riding a high from his success from Sin City, it took special effects and a vision unlike any other to make people stand up and notice. Snyder made a star out of Gerard Butler along the way of telling the story of the Greek state of Sparta, that was proud and had the greatest infantry ever assembled and their fight against the Persians. It was a film that seemed unlikely to produce a sequel, but it got the creative minds in Hollywood working overtime. Behold! A sequel was born. I use the term “sequel’ lightly, it was a sequel like The Godfather II was a sequel. It was part prequel, part parallel and part sequel.

300 Rise Of An Empire tells the beginning of Sparta and their epic fight with Xerxes through the narration of Queen Gorgo (Lena Headly). We are shown the rise of the powerful army and their single fight with Persia, that lead to Greece uniting as one and becoming the most powerful world power of it’s time.

The sister of Xerxes, shows to be the one pulling the strings of the powerful Persian Naval force. Once she decides to take on Themistocles in a battle b757c650-dd7d-3ad8-9bcc-daaad14356fbafter a failed attempt to turn him to her side. A massive battles ensues resulting in battles unseen in the original 300, yet going on at the same time that unites a powerful Greece to take on the Persians and establish its reign.

With a story more in depth and a much larger cast and budget than the original film, it leaves graphic novel fans and even history fans with, much to love. Eva Green without a doubt steals the movie as the evil Artemisia she exudes the power and hunger someone in her position can have.

The film doesn’t live up to the original for one reason, the original has already been made. That is not to say it’s not as entertaining or as action packed. It is a perfect follow up to what was truly a sleeper hit of the year it came out. This film will not sneak up on anyone but it will have you enthralled and enjoying every stylized minute.

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