Trailer Trash: Edge Of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise is still one of the most bankable stars in the world, despite what people think of him personally. That being said, his last few movies have been a far cry from the hits that made him the star that he is. His last film, Oblivion was just flat out not that good.

Cruise looks to re-enter the sci-fi genre with his newest film, Edge Of Tomorrow. Cruise will play Lt. Col Bill Cage who, while fighting extra terrestrials is stuck in a time loop of his last day of the fight. This leads him to become better skilled at fighting his foe. Directed by the underrated Doug Liman and written by the talented Christopher McQuarrie,  it has all the makings of a hit. One problem though, it sounds like Groundhog Day with aliens. We shall see if this team can pull out a hit or not.

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