Movie Review: “All Hail the King”

By M. Lion from Chick Flicking Reviews –

Hello! Loveyourmovies asked for Guest Bloggers and was kind enough to give me a spot. So here goes!

Marvel One-Shot LOGO It is with great joy that I write a review for Marvel’s latest One-Shot All Hail the King.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I LOVE Marvel One-Shots.

Marvel One-Shots are short – usually 5-10 minutes long – movies that appear on the Marvel Movie Universe Blu-Ray. They are movies that move forward the storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They are also funny, fun, and you can watch them over and over and over again. They are so good.

There was much excitement for this latest one-shot All Hail the King. After the fabulous Agent Carter released on Iron Man 3 many of us fans were excited for what we be the one-shot for Thor: The Dark World. Considering the title, many thought it would be about Loki. Instead, well, it is, I am very happy to report, Trevor Slatterly the “villain” from Iron Man 3 who posed as the super villain known as the Mandarin.

Sequence. Let me just say I watched this three times in a row after watching Thor: The Dark World. Oh, so good. Now let me tell you why.

Ben Kingsley. The man is hailed as a great actor for a good reason: He can act. In Iron Man 33, he goes from a deep-voiced, menacing presence to an idiotic buffoon. Or rather just an idiot. In All Hail the King we see Trevor as the ultimate, shallow idiot he is. He has swagger, he struts, and he believes he is important – he is a total idiot! A total idiot who thinks he is important! WRONG! Trevor is so clueless you cringe. You grab your head in disbelief. You think “Is he really that stupid?!” The answer is yes. Now people, if you think that is easy to portray – and portray in such a big, swaggering, idiot takes acting power. When Trevor struts through the prison, you would think he owned the place. In his mind, he does. He could be the Fool card in a Tarot deck: The Fool is walking over a cliff knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will be caught and saved and no harm willBen+Kingsley+Gucci+Cinema+Society+Film+Foundation+Rdt2bn1H49jl come to him. And wouldn’t ya’ know it – no harm comes to Trevor. (Well, maybe…. ;))

Twists. Ooh, there is indeed plot twists galore. There are things you just won’t see coming. Plus there is one camera shot of a tattoo that will blow you away. What fabulous visual storytelling. Then again, would we expect anything else from a comic book universe? Nope.

Humor. If you don’t find yourself laughing during this one-shot, you have no sense of humor. Or a very different one. Trevor can make you laugh just by uttering a single syllable from his clueless mouth.

Easter Eggs. So Marvel is famous for having short scenes at the very end of their movie credits. Note: If you have never stayed through the FULL to the bitter end credits of a Marvel movie you are cheating yourself!!! You MUST watch these as they will not only make you laugh but will contribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline. Now this one-shot, like Agent Carter before it, has Easter Egg in the credits! OMG, how meta is that? The Easter Eggs in All Hail the King center on another Iron Man villain: Justin Hammer played by Sam Rockwell.

Now Justin Hammer is a wonderful villain because he is so funny. He is not clueless like Trevor, but he is funny. We get to see him comment on Trevor’s fame as a super villain – and Justin is jealous!! Even better, his prison lover tries to console him. So much fun. So funny.

I don’t know how or why Marvel is giving us such a fabulous cinematic universe. Well made, well-acted, good plots, it is all perfect. It is made with, for lack of a better term, Geek love. Those of us who loved those characters and Marvel before the movies, are happy. Those who just met them are happy as well.

So share the love, people. Watch a Marvel One-Shot today!

Thanks again and your turn loveyourmovies. I look forward to your guest blog.


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