My Top 5 Favorite Surprise Endings

Most people love a good surprise ending. Almost every movie, as it goes on, people try to figure out the ending. The trouble with new movies is people expect a great twist at the end.It has got me to explore some of my favorite surprise moments or endings to movies. Keep in mind this list is MY favorite not an all time best,.I will say, I think these are pretty good though.


unbreakable5. Unbreakable

M. Night Shyamalan was well on his way to making some of the best movies with surprise endings. His second film didn’t get as much praise as his first, but, it is just as smart of a film as his first, The Sixth Sense. Based on his love for comic books and their heroes and villains. Bruce Willis plays a man who can’t be injured while Samuel L. Jackson plays a fragile man. One hand shake rocks the whole story.


shawshank_redemption_ver14. The Shawshank Redemption

Based on a short story by Stephen King, the story of Andy Dufrense, who is wrongly accused of the murder of his wife and her lover, is one of the most beloved in American film history. Considered a box office flop, it has grown into a legendary film, in large part due to its fantastic ending. All thanks to Rita Heyworth.


match point woody allen3. Match Point

Woody Allen is one of the funniest people and film writers of all time. The thing is, Woody is just a flat-out brilliant talent, despite what may go on in his personal life. When he wrote the thriller, that’s right, thriller, he opened himself up to a whole ne generation and audience. He took everyone by surprise by shooting outside NYC and then the twist Allen has in his film was even more jaw dropping. Game, set, match.


The_sixth_sense2. The Sixth Sense

M. Night Syamalan stormed on the scene with four simple words, ” I see dead people”. Those words would resonate with film goers and those who left the theater in awe. The story of a therapist and his relationship with a boy who sees deceased people and communicates with them, blew audiences away and continues to even today.


Planet-of-the-Apes-1968-film-wallpaper1. Planet Of The Apes

The somewhat cult film starring Charelton Heston, took the world by storm and is still the master and original when it comes to jaw dropping endings. When a team of deep space astronauts lands on a planet over run with human-like apes, they discover that humans are the wild animals who are primitive and can’t speak. Heston and his crew shock the village of apes when they speak and show intelligence. The end is what shocks everyone, including Heston.

13 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Surprise Endings”

  1. The original Planet of the Apes is one of the best of the best. The ending is not some tacked on surprise but rather the raison d’etre. Not only was it surprising, it changed the whole film retroactively. The Sixth Sense also had an ending which rocked the viewer completely out of phase. I live for films that can do what these films have done. Excellent post!

  2. I loved The Sixth Sense but it is Unbreakable that holds the top spot as my favorite Shyamalan film and the ending plays a huge part in that. What the hell happened to Shyamalan?

  3. both the endings to the orginal planet of the apes and the sixth sense blew me away and had be going wtf dd that just happen in the films. when i first saw them way back when.

  4. Unfortunately, every single twist in each of these movies was spoiled for me by other people. I wish I could be amnesiac for a day just so I could experience it first-hand rather than vicariously through others.

  5. Great choice for #1, you are right on the money. Also, thanks for pointing out Shawshank. Its one that isn’t thought of much, probably because the movie has such a long denouement. But I have heard it called the most satisfying ending in movie history, and I think its hard to make an argument against that.

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