No One Should Be Surprised By Mad Max: Fury Road And All It’s Nominations

imageThis award season, one of the most consistent and yet surprising films has been without a doubt, Mad Max: Fury Road. The post apocalyptic movie that is a resurgence of the iconic films that launched, Mel Gibson’s career, has taken the world by storm. When it was released it was received with much praise and awe by movie fans. So how could this action movie attain such eminence? It took skill and patience undoubtedly.

Director George Miller is the father of the post apocalyptic film. He created the Mad Max character in 1979 and it launched his career. He went on to make three films and create a superstar in Mel Gibson along the way. As the years passed, he would stretch his directing and writing legs. He found himself making movies for families as cherished as his cult favorites for action fans. He would dream up the lovable talking pig named Babe as well as the world of adorable Penguins in the Happy Feet movies. This without a doubt a filmmaker who knows what people want.

When he took a step back in time to resurrect the Mad Max franchise, he went all in. The best thing he did was, once again cast the film perfectly. The only actor worthy of filling Mel Gibson’s iconic shoes is the red hot Tom Hardy. When he looked for the woman to counteract him, he attained the always fearless, Charlize Theron. Theron and Hardy adapted to their roles so perfectly that it was the puzzle piece that made the perfect action movie.

George Miller took every step to make sure he took advantage of imageeverything available to him to make the best possible Mad Max movie he could. Along with the budget and the technology, he kept true to action movie roots. Miller used very minimal amounts of CGI and took a different approach to apocalyptic movies by adding a lot of color and making the cinematography as important as anything else. These plans did not disappoint.

The beauty and landscape of this movie are why mediums like Blu-Ray were created. It is quite possibly the most perfect visual movie ever. The story is nothing special, with minimal dialogue from the lead character (although it does give him mystique) and not much in the way of innovation. Apocalyptic films usually focus on the clamoring of natural resources, and Fury Road is no different.

Tom Hardy is a perfect Mad Max, especially a rather quiet one, because that fits his personality. Charlize Theron plays the wondrous heroine, as well as the ultimate bad ass woman. Despite a basic plot, Miller manages to keep the viewer so deeply engaged, there are times one could forget to blink.

Hardy has signed on for another three Mad Max films and, if they are a fraction of this one, they will no doubt be mega hits. George Miller has returned himself to the world he helped create and has returned with a vengeance. If you haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road, don’t be surprised by the commendation it is receiving, once you see the improbable beauty of the film.

7 thoughts on “No One Should Be Surprised By Mad Max: Fury Road And All It’s Nominations”

  1. Thanks for your review of the movie, as I was totally shocked by the nomination, and hadn’t even given the movie a single thought other than ‘oh right.. another franchise they’re trying to milk’. Your review and the nominations makes me want to check it out for myself.

  2. Miller’s skill as a director here meant that his nomination was no surprise. He deserves the nomination and aside from Innaritu for Revenant, definitely deserve the Oscar too.

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