The Best Picture Race Will Come Right Down To The Wire


After taking a look at all the other major categories, we arrive at the biggest award of the night. The award for best picture has always been the category everyone wants to know the winner too, even people who barely care are curious what won the next day. The Academy has even recognized that the category is so big and has the most possible winners, that they allow for up to ten nominees, twice the max for all other categories. This year they have determined that there are eight possible winners for this most coveted of awards.

The Big Shortimage

This is one of the top three in the close running to take home the prize, but, it is in third place at this point. I labeled the movie as the scariest movie of the year, because of its blunt and honest portrayal of the country and those holding all its wealth and their terrifying means to which they will go to keep their wealth and to make more. The movie is wonderfully acted from top to bottom. In my opinion the biggest award The Big Short will take home on Oscar night will be best adapted screenplay, but Oscar does have a history of pulling off shockers and if that’s the case, don’t count this one out. Read my full review here.

The story of a 1950’s Irish immigrant who falls in love and is faced with the struggle to be back home in Ireland and make a full life in America, has gained momentum in recent weeks, especially for its lead actress, Saorise Ronan. She is without a doubt an up and coming force that many people are only hearing about just now, despite this being her second Academy Award nomination. I don’t expect this to take many, if any, awards, but, it is not going away at all. Let’s just hope John Travolta doesn’t have to pronounce her name at any point during the night.
Bridge Of Spiesimage

The successful team of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg has once again brought forth a best picture nomination. The true story of the inner workings of the Cold War and a hostage exchange and the unlikely attorney who managed to bring it all together. A very fine film and quite an interesting story that isn’t that well known, but this is likely the least likely film to win best picture. Nevertheless, it is not UNworthy of its nomination, but, one could also make the argument that there may have been a couple others that could have slid into this slot.
Mad Max: Fury Roadimage

Mad Max has been one of the biggest surprises this award season for most people and that didn’t stop when it has earned the second most nominations this year. The return George Miller made to the Mad Max franchise has really taken things by storm and if there ever was a dark horse in this category, Mad Max is it. It is highly unlikely, but for someone to not think there is an outside chance, just wouldn’t be very smart. Read my full review here.
The Martianimage

Ridley Scott and Matt Damon tell the story of an abandoned astronaut on the red planet of Mars and the elaborate rescue that takes place, has been one of the most liked movies of the year. The Martian would have been the highest grossing movie of the year if it were not for Star Wars smashing records left and right. The Golden Globe winning film was a slight favorite following its Globe victory, but its momentum has cooled off since. It’s not a likely winner, but no doubt a hit with audiences. Read my full review here.
The Revenantimage

When you get right down to it, this category comes down to two films essentially and The Revenant is without question one of them. The story of frontiersmen Hugh Glass and his impossible struggle to remain alive in the wilderness despite facing insurmountable odds. This film has been trading shots all season with Spotlight and it appears it will be coming down to the final award show and the final award of the show to see who comes out on top.

Room can easily be described as, the little film that could. With its small budget, young director, very young supporting actor and young, though not by any means, inexperienced, leading lady. The story of a captive woman who has never left her small room since capture and even had her son in captivity. Her struggle to re-adapt to the everyday outside world is no doubt, gut wrenching and moving and will most likely bring its lead actress, Brie Larson a best actress statue. It won’t win best picture BUT, everyone who is involved will have their careers advanced more than could ever imagine.

I have in no way tried to hide the fact that Spotlight is my favorite movie of the year. It has all the elements I love, a perfect cast, flawless acting, an intriguing story and the fact that it leaves you thinking and filled with every emotion. The story of how a group of Boston Globe reporters uncovered a decades long cover up by the Catholic Church and the enormous amounts of pedophile priests, is possibly the most important film of the year. After the 15 rounds it has gone with The Revenant, I believe Spotlight will be the last film standing. Read my full review here.

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