Brooklyn Is A Beautiful Gem Of A Film

imageWell award season has come and gone once again, which means for many people who weren’t able to see all the nominated movies in time, home video will have plenty to provide very soon. While I was able to see most films nominated, I wasn’t able to get all my reviews out so this provides a great reason to still share my thoughts.

The one film I found generating more and more buzz as the season went on was the perfect gem of a film, Brooklyn. Brooklyn stars the very charming Saorise Ronan, and don’t worry, if you are unsure how to say her name, it will be everywhere very soon. Saorise is part of a group of very talented and upcoming actresses that are set to be the new young faces along with recent Oscar winners, Brie Larson and Alicia Vikander.

Brooklyn is the story of a young, rather meek Irish girl named Eilis who, with the help of her sister Rose, moves to America to make a better life than Rose was able to have in post World War II Ireland. Eilis settles in the heavily Irish city of Brooklyn. Eilis is understandably shy and quiet, not used to being in such a different culture and large city, as well as homesick and at times second guessing her decision.

Doing her best to make a go of it, she soon takes night classes to learn imagea trade and she tries to be as social as possible. Eilis soon meets a young Italian man named Tony who is immediately taken with her and can be as shy as her. As Eilis and Tony spend more time together the faster they begin to fall in love.

Eilis receives upsetting news from home and is forced to leave Brooklyn and Tony to return back to Ireland. Eilis has every intention of returning to America and the man that has given her new life and purpose in her new home. Soon after returning home, Eilis realizes that many of the people back home have different ideas for her. Eilis is more confident and cultured, and many see this as a reason to make her stay and be very useful back home. It isn’t long before she begins to have a real struggle within herself and has to make the difficult choice of staying home or returning to everything she has made for herself in Brooklyn.

Every aspect of this movie is beautiful, from the acting right down to the costume and set design. All of these combinations draw you completely into this story almost instantly, even amidst its simplicity it has enormous depth and emotion. One only needs to, have been away from home and wish they weren’t, to have this movie make you feel the emotions Eilis goes through. This all due directly to Saorise Ronan’s performance and Nick Hornby’s wondrous script.image

The rhythm and pace is so perfect and smooth that the film all but becomes an experience that stays with you long after it’s over. Saorise Ronan has the ability and talent to quite possibly become the next Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett. Based on her previous choices of film that is all but a certainty and having her name read amongst other Oscar nominees will become something we definitely hear more of.

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Is A Beautiful Gem Of A Film”

  1. Love the feeling this movie gave me. Although the plot is very simple, this movie gave me a feeling of true innocence. Saorise Ronan was splendid, like You said: she may become next Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett.

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