Titus Welliver Is The Best Actor You Need To Know About

imageIf you’re a fan of the Amazon original show Bosch, then you know who Titus Welliver is. If you don’t watch the show, you may be surprised to learn that you most likely know who he is too. Fans of the show Lost will recognize him as The Man In Black, a short lived character to but an extremely impactful one.

The reason people will be surprised when they discover that they have seen Welliver and didn’t know it, is because he is one of the greatest chameleon actors working right now. His uncanny ability to take on a completely new persona of a character is what makes it so hard to recognize him from role to role.

I first noticed Welliver’s talent on the HBO series Deadwood where he imageplayed Silas Adams, a close associate of saloon owner, Al Swearengen. Deadwood was filled with a cast of actors with the same abilities as Welliver, such as Brad Dourif, Jim Beaver and Dayton Callie. The cast of Deadwood has said that he is an expert mimic and can do several different impressions. These are great skills and without a doubt major reasons why he is so good at what he does. Welliver has also become quite the favorite of director, Ben Affleck. He has appeared in all three feature films that Affleck has directed and is also cast in his latest effort, Live By Night, which is currently in post production.

imageTitus Welliver is a true actor’s actor. He never appears to take on roles for any other reason than he is interested in exploring a particular character. He has gone from one episode guest spots, to having major roles such as Gone Baby Gone and his current show, Bosch. He flies under the radar by not clamoring for every lead role. He’s not a face you see on talk shows and late night TV. He has clearly let his work speak for itself, and it has a unique and infectious voice. He has worked his way up purely on his skill and natural ability.

To appreciate his range, one only needs to look at his work on imageDeadwood to Sons Of Anarchy and now to Bosch. Not to mention his numerous works in movies. You will not see his name in the credits as a producer or writer or director. He is an actor and he is clearly one of the best ones working. So keep an eye out for Titus Welliver, because he just may sneak up on you and you may not even know it, but you will like it.

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